Monday, May 23, 2005

New haircut | Played Stella Deus and first impressions | Square-Enix's Dragon Quest 8 selling out to Dragon Ball?

Over the weekend, I watched the Fox Soccer Channel which was showing Major League Soccer, Argentina League, and French League soccer for two days. The Washington DC United were playing the Chicago Wizards and D.C. United won 1 – 0. It was also a home game for D.C. United. The Argentina soccer field was littered with paper and trash. I didn’t see the final soccer. River Slate won 1 – 0. The Fox Soccer Channel is the only channel in the US that broadcasts soccer games. There is also Sacarna Sports Network which broadcasts European soccer games in the US, but do we care enough to make it pay even if they’re better at it than we are? No clue. No fair using the FIFA since that involves the whole world.

By the way, I recommend downloading “Energy 52 – Calf Del Mar ’98” off Kazaa! It’s a must listen too. It’s a pretty good song.

Today, I got a new haircut when I drove to River Falls and talked to this female adult (her name was Shelly) so I went okay, nice to meet you out of politeness. I can do whatever I want without the outside world knowing about it for one, and play games all day if I choose to be another. Thirdly, I can play what music I want to play without people being alienated by it. Dad came back from Florida and brought two $50 dress shirts back with him so being polite I took one of them and wore it outdoors. My parents thought I looked good which is why I got them in the first place. I wanted the dyed shirts. When the barber finished my haircut, I went straight home, because when I walk in ShopKo where I buy some videogames, but Game Stop is a possibility on the 27th so I’ll buy this new RPG while trying to avoid spots of construction which comes with highly dense population like Woodbury. Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana comes out tomorrow.

I turned on my PS2 and played Stella Deus Gates of Eternity last night. Stella Deus is a grid based strategy RPG similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. Imagine Final Fantasy Tactics in high resolution. “Stella” means a star formed and “Deus” means a machine of God. I was playing some of this game as well as Forza Motorsport. I watched the Full Motion Video introduction in Stella Deus which is anime with cell shading for effect. This game is cell shaded which is a technique which makes the game look cartoonier. I find out that the game has something to do with a powerful wizard, Viser, and together the main characters will save the their world from fate cause it said so in the introduction. The main character is Spero, a young dude who lost his sword to Echidna, an evil character in this game and he wants it back, and therefore, the real game begins so I’ve won the first battle very easily than gone further into the game and met even more characters, but lost my progress due to the lack of memory card. I want to cheat using the Action Replay, but that requires a memory card. Graphics are average, but the art direction is unique which is why there’s a small market for these games. The game has voice acting for every subtitle in the game, but one can’t deny it’s a goofy script. It’s on DVD so it may have a lot of 30 second to minute long FMV which is good, because I like watching videogame movies.

I noticed that Dragon Quest VIII was on the top ten list on IGN. The Japanese version out in Japan received a high 9.2 out of 10 which means that the English version will tweaked so it’s better. It got a 9.2 on DQVIII is selling out to Dragon Ball here! LOL! It might have to do with the art direction of Chrono Trigger. The two look similar. The main character in DQVIII looks a lot like Chrono also so gamers take note. Level 5 is developing it for Enix now merged with Squaresoft. I own two other Level 5 RPGs, Dark Cloud 1, 2. This popular Enix franchise is coming out on my 21st birthday believe it or not! My current path in aggression leads to 85 Playstation 2 games by November [5 games per month x 5 months = 25 games (divided by 3)]. The myth that Square-Enix only develops for Sony platforms is untrue.

This is goodnight.

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