Thursday, May 19, 2005

My game collection is better than his | I didn't go down to Florida this time

Today, I’ve been looking at game collections and looking at how users with older games tend to be less valuable than owners with newer games even though sometimes they have more old games.

For instance, Akdirzzt has 420 games all together even though his collection is worth $765.16 less than mine with 3 games more. In the next generation everything will decrease in cost anyways, but my collection will still be worth more unless he suddenly buys a whole bunch of next generation games new at $50 - $70 each.

My collection (wisconsinite54)

Akdirzzt's collection

Who can have this many games?

Eternalldarkness surely has a lot of money to burn as you can see. Look at how many games be bought for Xbox, PS2, and PC. That’s way too much. It’s like $8,000 more than mine.

So the question is would I rather have more games or more valuable collection. Videogames loose their worth over the years, but if you own older games, your collection would be less anyways. Akdirzzt’s collection serving as a fine example of what I’m talking about here.

I am going to buy a Playstation 3 even if IGN said it’s $450. That’s a lot of money. Although I could ask money for my birthday which would cover more than half the cost of it so I would have at least one next generation console. My favorite RPGs are on Playstation 2 so staying with the Playstation brand is smart. The controller may look strange, but I can deal with it, cause this new PS3 controller probably plays better than it looks. That’ll be in spring. It looks like that seriously good looking Killzone 2 it’s looking like a PS3 launch title. Madden Football 2006 is the best looking sports game by the way for any next gen console.

So lately, I had nothing to do so I was playing Forza Motorsport placing 2nd and 3rd at the end because somehow when I try to be aggressive and cheap stunts to get ahead, the competition somehow nudges my car enough that it’ll spins out of control. The other drivers do that so I don’t have an easy victory. One time I was in the lead for a two lap race and on the second lap I had braked too hard and two or three A.I. drivers passed me up so I immediately tried to make sharper turns with my car, but failed and drove into the grass right before the finish line! I got mad at the controller and didn’t want to play any longer and as a result of feeling depressed over it all I’ve had chatted on the gaming forums again.

The game is well designed as far as the graphics go and the control is good, but the cars come with no hand brake so I’m relying on normal breaking pads to slow down which is bad. All racing games except this one have hand brakes and in every game the hand brake button works better than normal brake. The point of a race is never shifting into reverse by driving off the road, and if that happens, the race is already lost. That doesn’t keep me from playing the game any less. The artificial intelligence only makes driving more frustrating, because I’m no good at it yet much like many other games I own. When I wake up, I’ll probably go down to my other room and turn on the xbox to play it.

I believe after I write this I will go to bed and then play more Forza Motorsport than review the game on two sites. Yes, I do review games for free and post it on two forums.

Morning, I had an experience on a board where this one person I knew on another board said Americans are dumb. This all started when Sega Genesis is a stupid name. My response to that was that’s just how things are. So as a result this person I knew on another board called me dumb. Then my response was “we have bigger guns than you British” His response to that was, “Yes, Americans have very, very big guns, but you can’t aim for the enemy!” I continued by saying that our arsenal is all computerized and is targeted with the help of a GPS targeting systems and/or laser targeting systems so there isn’t a chance we could miss the target. I believe he was thinking about the terrorists and saying that there has been friendly fire in some American battle zone…possibly Iraq. The British are not apart of it so I can understand why some of them are a bit confused.

For my Angelfire website, I want something simple and can navigate well, and I’ve achieved both with my current template using minimal html code, but it looks way too simple and unsophisticated. I would feel better if I complicate things a tad, and I’m unsure how I’ll go about it. I’ve been known to borrow other site’s html code, but I pretty much have everything on it that a personal webpage shall be. I belong to two forums and one Playstation Club.

My next game purchase when this new anime RPG comes out on Wednesday. The local videogame store I buy games from said they’d never have Stella Deus in stock, but now they do so they don’t say what they mean very well. Not that the people working there are lying, but Toyriffic eventually has games in stock only sold in Game Stop and “don’t know” a week later. By the way, I hadn’t had time to play Stella Deus – Gates of Eternity yet. I hear this new RPG is better than Stella Deus. My mom owes me $30 for cropping photos and printing out photo quality graphics on phone paper in black and white.

I haven’t met either of my friends for two weeks. Either they’re loosing interest in me or they don’t have time to visit me. I’m out of school and no one at WITC invited me to a PC LAN party like that one time during Easter Break last year when some people in the network technician class were going to get together and I drove around Hammond in search of the his home address since the note on the college room door said meet somewhere in Hammond, but the address on the paper didn’t exist. Bob’s working at a gas station and I can go meet him if I choose, but won’t because I prefer hanging around in my room alone with the low bandwidth Internet which gets me to a gateway to infinite information not to mention free music. The broadband guys are behind schedule, and aren’t the only family in the middle of no where around here who wants broadband so we’re on the list somewhere.

This week, I’m driving to KOULS to buy athletic socks because most of the socks I own have holes in them as a result of walking around the basement. That’ll be exciting. I might look at some new baggy cargo pants too! I haven’t worn jeans for years so I don’t own 1 pair of jeans! My father flown to Maples, Florida near the Atlantic Coast to attend a national financial business conference and golf so he’s picking up one or two of those multi-colored dyed T-shirts for his son. Only tropical places have these. It seems like his company invited him to a golf tournament of some sort. It’s what my old man does and he calls golf a sport. He bought a slightly used driver worth $300 and he says it drastically improves his game. By drivers I mean golf clubs. He mentioned it comes down too bad golfers with a high quality driver can be better in a game with good golfers with a cheap driver. You’d think the PGA golfers have the elite versions tailor made to their height. I haven’t been in Florida since 1999.

In Wisconsin, you have to be tough to adapt to the drastic weather changes. Most people don’t realize it, but Wisconsin has all four seasons with temperatures ranging from -10 to 80 degrees with everything from snow storms to rain storms. It can be as high as 70 degrees in the day time to about 50 degrees at night in one day. In the summer Wisconsinites deer hunt with rifles or bows, go fishing, drive to Canada, ride motorbikes on dirt trails, or join baseball leagues. Winter is a whole different can of beans, Americans snowboard or snowmobile. You got to love the many recreational stuff going on around here in Wisconsin. Soccer usually isn’t one of them, sorry.

Night everyone.

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