Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pic of 2048 MB RAM | DOS doesn't recognize 2048 MB of RAM | Bought Slipheed Lost Planet today

Well, low virtual memory is a thing of the past. That's also the case if you have 1024 MB of RAM. When there is 786 MB of RAM installed you’ll never get low virtual memory problems. 2 GB decreases lag by a lot when switching between Winamp and Guild Wars in window mode. If anyone tries this with 786 MB of RAM or less your computer will most likely freeze up.

Concerning 512 MB of RAM is good for 2D applications don't expect any less in 2005, because everything comes with 512 MB now-a-days until Xbox 360 is launched which will have a generous 512 MB of RAM.

Proof here:

MS-DOS has problems only recognizing 1024 MB.

Meanwhile, my female warrior is level 5 now, completed 6 quests, and now looking for another class. Guild War players are suppose to be dual class. I’m deciding whether I want to be a paladin or a melee-Elementist (elementist and warrior). I’d added another friend to a messenger service. A paladin is another name for a holy warrior which was a playable character in Diablo 2.

As for today in 12:20am in the morning I drove to Wal-Mart to find a game called Forza Motorsport, an May 2005 best seller, and a stellar as well as most awesome Xbox racing game on the market! This is the Lamborghini Diablo of racing games on Xbox! Everyone else wants it too because gamers aren’t dumb so when it comes to games like this…we’re all in the same wagon…. Unfortunately, that game was sold out within the first day it was at Wal-Mart. Instead I had bought the Treasure shooter, Silpheed: The Lost Planet. Silpheed was published on Sega CD in 1992 and the PS2 version is the remake. Silphead - The Lost Planet has been extremely rare in Wisconsin until I just magically saw the game retailing for $20 and immediately purchased it. Silpheed is my 77th PS2 game! It was a pretty 2D shooter when it came out, but it’s score had been decreased because Silpheed is 3rd hardest PS2 game. Every decision has to be synced and drilled into my brain much like Gradius V and Ikaruga (also Treasure made 2D shooters) were, and hadn’t made it far in either of them.

Anyways, I haven’t met one of my real-life friends in 2 weeks. Damn, this is disappointing! I was bored so I went out to Wal-mart to buy Forza Motorsport. Problem is I didn’t expect to be ignored that way, but I wasn’t exactly myself that day. People like me know a lot about games so I know the nerdy stuff normal people don’t. While I’m not a good FAQ writer I’ve three years experience writing detailed game reviews.

Games to add to list:

• Silpheed - The Lost Planet (©2001 Treasure/Game Arts)

Let’s all put this to rest and live another day to tell another story! Goodnight blogging mates.

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