Saturday, May 17, 2003

Xbox - Sega GT 2002


Developer : A2

A.) Enhanced graphics over Dreamcast's Sega GT Special Edition. The xbox version is a sequel to that game.

Publisher : Sega

B.) Ability to listen to songs off harddrive is cool.

Released on March 20, 2002

C.) 12 tracks to play around with. Tracks can be mirrored to add to the gameplay experience.

D.) Sega's only *car* racing game of 2002. Crazy Taxi 3 isn't a racing game.

Type : Racing

Sega makes one hell of a racing title. So this game is above average. Every game I buy is above average. I don't know Xbox too well so it was a catch 22 to pick the right game. I'm not rich, I can't sample all the Xbox titles at once. This game was made exclusive to Xbox. If you know of Project Gotham and McCollens Rally 3 for Xbox. This is the other high profile racing title. It's been developed by a developer;s house at SEGA. It has Japan written all over it. Although Xbox is made in America. The once popular videogame maker. Eh, getting popular videogame maker. Sega is not out of the race, they are here to stay. They have the money to deliver state-of-the-art videogames.

The cars are still very polished. It's hard to deBate which game gets a perfect score of 10 in the graphics department. It'll probably be the upcoming Midnight Club sequel for Xbox. You can tell that the game was developed near the end of 1st generation xbox games. So in English, the game looks better then the latest demos for the Gamecube. The first generation is graphics that the Xbox had when it first came out on September 15, 2001. Microsoft didn't see a direct effect on microsoft sales due to 9.11. It was way better then the PS2 in terms of graphics from the very beginning. Both consoles render differently and Xbox has 4 times the Bus speed in it's cache. Sega created a game that was well compared to Project Gotham, the other game that I have. The background is really cool. It has sun spots that are more realistic then PS2s. However since the Xbox does have extra graphical power (every gamer should know this) and the Xbox does a cleaner job with the sky. As you can see I got the second version. The game disc I own had some bug fixes. So far the control is loose. You have to apply the brakes in all tracks. I like loose control. How fast does your car turn at 200 MPH? Same deal in this game. You can't turn very far at full throddle. Sega GT has all the tracks at the start. Some of these type of racers have locked tracks / cars. This only has unlocked cars. In arcade mode the simulation. There are a lot of cars. Who cares where they come from, I can drive it. If I can drive it, I'll have fun! Somehow, Sega managed to out all of those cars on screen without slowing down. This is stellar as it is right here. The game runs at a blazing 60 frames per second all the time.

The soundtracks are purely European. Professional dance remixes. Not exactly trance, but it doesn't sound like rock neither. Not the kind of music that belongs to our pop culture. Some of these songs are even good in a scary way. I am sure that Sega got these songs from somewhere. They be genius' if they would of mixed it themselves. They've must of taken it from the top charts in the UK / Europe and put it all into their game. In English though, it's gran tranismo music. Most songs have a good beat to them. I give the music a 10/10 since you can also put your favorite music and have it play during the game. The game even shuffles the music for you. The music can be in MP3 or WAV format. (article posted on May 25, 2003)

Summing up Sega GT 2002



Excellent graphics. I am a new xbox gamer so I'll probably think that all those graphics are really cool regardless. But yes, the difference between xbox and Gamecube is noticeable. This game has a lot of high resolution art on xbox. It hasn't quit reached the 2nd generation type xbox games. (The ones with more effects on screen while still supporting more pixels in the animation) So in English, it looks the same as Gran Tranismo 3 A Spec for the PS2. Ok, so that's great!



It is easy to control the vehicle. But it's hard to master it. Aka. skidding all over the place is bad. This game features what is called the draft effect. When your directly behind a car you get less resistance between the two, so you become closer.



This game is definably a genuine rip of the PS2 game "Gran Tranismo 3 : A Spec". But Sega does an excellent job at it.

Sound Effects


Nice engine sounds. The sounds of the engine are excellent Soundtracks are ok.



Good section of maps and cars. With 25 soundtracks that come with the game alone! It's a good game. Not the best. The best so far is the Dreamcast title Test Drive V Rally. I love that game. But defiantly look at it. The game has been out for a year. The price of this game can always go down.

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