Thursday, May 15, 2003

My second project absolutely done at the University Check it out here. I'm done cramming all work I had yet to do before the Linux program was done for the year. It was cut. People must hate programmers at that school. Everyone must think we're not doing anything. Eating donuts, not caring much about worksheets in class. WE'RE PROGRAMMERS, WE DON'T CARE, WE DON'T DO ANYTHING UNLESS WE'RE TOLD TO DO IT! We learned mostly about how to come up with good shell script on how to ping each other. When that failed to work, we just used the GUI. When your in a large classroom, nothing is going to work. Jerry didn't count that against the class. Jerry is our Unix guy. He has over 25 years of experience in shell scripting. I paid attention in class. I'm not like the others. I had my graduation ceremony. I going to graduate from high school at least.

New vistors must of seen the enhancements I've done. Like the green and blue marble backgrounds. I came across these while surfing the Internet for backgrounds and they were perfect for my webpage then having a white background. Transparent Flash has came out this year. I knew it exsists but I couldn't find a sample until today. I'll never put my background in Selteco Flash Designer again. Flash animation + background image = compressed animation (25 KB) instead of 103 KB I would have had if I included the background with the swf. Isn't new technolegy great!

I found a way to connect to the Internet through SuSe Linux. I bought a somewhat expensive external modem, Modem Blaster from Creative, it worked. It hooked up to my serial port. I recently had a US Robotics 56K PCI FAx Modem. The USR never showed up until I attached the external modem to the computer. Then it showed up. I used YaST to connect to my ISP. Then the USR modem does work in SuSe and I've spent a lot of extra money for nothing.

I found a game that copies the card dealing games in Final Fantasy 8 called Questra RPG Legends. I don't know why they called it that? Anyway it's the same game in FF8. I've been playing it. It's not good enough to put on my game list though. I get beaten most of the time merely because I loose a Diablo right way. Diablo is a good card in this game.

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