Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Xbox - NASCAR Thunder 2003


Developer : EA Sports

A.) enhanced gameplay over last years version

Publisher : EA Sports

B.) Better soundtrack then last year .

Released on October 10, 2002

C.) Play (and Unlock) all Winston Cup drivers. Plus play my favorite driver Dale Earnhart, that's right it's like he never died in this game.


Type : Racing

Nascar Thunder 2003 feels different then Nascar Thunder 2002. When your on the track and in your turn, you'll realise that the game is looser then before. I've own Nascar Thunder 2002 for only a short while before I gave it to a videogame dealer for cash. So this is the 2nd Nascar game I've own. The other is Nascar '99 for the N64. And you don't get as much comment and music in Nascar '99 then on laserdisc with Nascar Thunder. However the N64 counterpart was so solid. Both games covered the same features. They both had a involving single player mode. The N64 game was realistic for a N64 title, but cars don't crash then take flight for 3 seconds from a head on collision of another car. Inside you get the more realistic bump and loose control scene in the game. Personally I did not really like Nascar Thunder 2002. It had country music in the title. Although it didn't make me croak, I did seem to like the modified standards EA Sports put in the car before I took it for a test drive at Daytona or Darwin International Speedway. The game gives you the best medications for your Nascar. Like in 2002 it took me 2 tries to go in first place in Rookie mode in Single Player Mode. Everything was set up exactly how it would be if you had a chance to win. Rockie Modes easy. So I tried changing the settings, and since I don't know jack about Nascar medications, I did worst on my runs most of the time. It's a fun game, obviously visually things got better from the N64 game to the Xbox. More effects on screen. It is just to bad that EA Sports had the Nascar Thunder 2003 Edition at it's lowest common denominator. Thus it looks a lot like the PS2 version of the game. Do buy it though, it's the top rated Nascar game ever on a console. Just because it's newer and has flashier graphics by no means mean it's the best in the racing genre. Though Nascar Thunder 2003 runs up there in the one of the best. If I had a choice between F1 2003 and Nascar Thunder 2003, I would pick Nascar Thunder 2003 merely because it is an American Motor Sport and I've been paying attention to Nascar more then World Grand Prix. But then again there is "football" errr Soccer that I really enjoy playing game wise.

Summing up Nascar Thunder 2003



Nascar Thunder 2003 looks as if EA Sports took a backstep towards the game that came out in 2001. In the game, you get pixels in the animation which shouldn't of really been their. But it looks like they've added pixels and for scenery onto their game. Example would be the people. they look like small puppets in this game and the other game, but somehow the crowd looks more lively and more realistic. So now your asking me does the game look better or worst then Nascar Thunder 2002. I would have to say worst. When we say that EA Sports taking a back step, I saying it still looks above average still after 2 year gap between the first and second Nascar game for XBOX. I doesn't look as good as Madden football or some exclusive racers for Xbox.



It is easy to control the vehicle. But it's hard to master it. Aka. skidding all over the place is bad. This game features what is called the draft effect. When your directly behind a car you get less resistance between the two, so you become closer.



I haven't seen Nascar games in my home since 1999 so I would like to say that this is ingeniously created franchise is number one in my book. Even more then Project Gotham or Sega GT 2002.

Sound Effects


The engine sounds sound more realistic then any Nascar game I've encounter. In my option the sound effects are perfect.



I'm don't follow Nascar as much, so I become disinterested in this game. The game is cool! But I like the street racing that comes with Sega GT 2002. Seeing cars that go around on a track isn't as interesting as curving, real replicas of Touring car tracks else where.

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