Sunday, May 25, 2003

Nintendo has come to my attention that the company is going to release "The Ulitmate Collection" sometime later this year. This is extremely interesting to me since N64 games including Star Fox, Goldeneye, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Orcania of Time, and Banjo Kazooie. No these games won't feature great graphics, but they'll feature other enhancements that were bugs in the orginal N64 games. No such news. We know that Orcania of Time was released earlier this year. Now that game is becoming appart of the Ultimate Editition Collection. All these games will start at 25 dollars. It might me a long run, but Orcania of time could sell 500,000 copies added the 2 million it sold in 1998. Is this worth the dollar when you have the Nintendo 64 game already at home? I'll let you decide.

Guess what everyone. I got an Xbox today. I was excited for a little while. I got one with a modem in it. I was looking for a web browser but their isn't any for Xbox yet. So I also got 2 new games, used copies of Sega GT 2002 / Jet Grid Radio and Project Gundam. I am going to get Halo soon. I've heard it's an amazing game. Read my Xbox Review page. I've also updated my Dreamcast review page. I added Nintendo to the Greatest Developers of all time.

What do I really want to spend my money on? I am having money come in from offerings my parents give me on Lunch money for school. I do usually spend that cash on games. My latest xbox game Moto GP, I got for 14 dollars at the used videogame store. I am looking for more xbox games. Or do I want to reinsert a soundcard into my other pc. It got zapped with static electricity. That would only cost me 20 dollars to replace it. Or do I wait a little longer and get a Action Replay for Xbox. With that I can download saved videogames off the Internet and put it on xbox with use of network cable linking the xbox with my hub to my pc.

This week is my last week of high school. What do I do then? To answer that question, I don't know. Well I'm planning to go to a technical college in New Richmond, Wisconsin to see if I can find a CISCO class to continue being educated toward Unix Software Technican. CISCO is a company, I knew it was a network service that most Unix technicians have to learn before they enter a work placement. So CISCO and SUN Microsystems go head to head with each other to provide the best product. I think SUN is winning. Because they have copyrighted their own javascript called "Sun Java" and then SUN has the Solaris Operating System. So maybe when I get a job there. The world is full of opportunity. then When you loose your job from inflation, your life is then suppose to suck, because those companies are looking for inexperienced unix technicians with good GPA scores. These young adults pick up on more and do more for less money then most of the high positions. But a lot of times the lowest positions is the backbone of the company. The companies running software, like Redhat, look for new talent, which not everybody has. I'm not going to be those people with no talent.


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