Sunday, May 18, 2003

I applied my website at Golden Web Awards and I got in the top 100 of the month of May! I haven't looked on my Email and that's what it said. Thanks Golden Web Awards! This is what the message said :


As a previous Winner of the prestigious Golden Web Award, we wanted to make you aware of this special offer to get your personalized Golden Web Award Certificate. If you purchase a personalized Golden Web Award Ce
rtificate between now and May 10th, you will pay only $19.95 and you will automatically receive a second Personalized Award Certificate (a perfect gift to give to your partners, favorite webmaster or staff) Absolutely Free!!!

Your Golden Web Award Certificate will arrive via First Class mail and is presented ready to frame, complete with Gold Foil Seals and original Signatures of both our President and Chairman congratulating you on your success!

Congratulations Once again,
Darin L. Carter
I.A.W.M.D. Chairman
Now Serving 325,000 Online Business Professionals
in more than 145 Countries around the World!

Wow, I really got in. Amazing. My website must mean something to someone. I would of got the certificate if my dad would of gave his credit card out. Because of credit card fraw on the Internet he wouldn't of done it. But that is amazing. Look at the Golden Web Awards of the month of May to see my webpage listed.

I found this awesome Anime page by "Wings of Trinity" Something about the html that has been bothering me. It looks nice, but all the photoshop animation is much more superior then mine. What's up with the audio soundtrack? How did she get it so compressed? I haven't search for fan art for a long while. I forgot how good it's gotten. I've also been at All the good artists in the world have drawn spectacular cartoons on the Internet. His collection is pretty good.

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