Saturday, April 25, 2009

O Friend, Where Art Thou

If you have any ideas of how to make long-term friends with someone, do tell! I've done it all. I collected DVDs, Bluray, anime and videogames and it is supposed to work like it has for everybody else. That's all I heard for a few years, everybody playing some game. To everybody I talked too, TV shows in general are uninteresting except for the occasional anime out there. I own the X-files boxset, the Star Trek Voyager boxset, and the Star Trek The Next Generation boxset for there superb sci-fi storylines. The camping trips are ok, but you just cannot make any friends there either. You talk to people in camping trips, but its a once in lifetime and you never see them. I've been on facebook, yet they just don't answer. For example, most people feature all my comments using that checkbox and never ever answer so I delete them. My parents keep telling my dilemma is not a bourgeois vs. petite bourgeois vs. the proletariat class struggle and I'm not poor.

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