Friday, April 03, 2009

New mp3 player

The idea dawned on me when Obama sent the Queen of England an Ipod Photo with him uploaded on it. So I got a 40 GB mp3 player for $50 on ebay. It is cheap, because I bought a 20 GB Zen Touch 4 years ago for 4 times that much and it still works. I got 2400 songs on there encoded in LAME 3.98 alpha6 (mp3 in 2006) at 64 kbps VBR. I also have an old Archoes Jukebox 20 Recorder with LAME 3.98 alpha6 at 64 kbps VBR with a proximately same amount of music. Haven't used it since February 2008. I used Mr. Questionman to get that information

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