Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do Tea Parties just because of World government conspiracy.

If we don't organize into tea parties right now our US dollar will be replaced by a international dollar and we will no longer be the World Bank. And it's happening to the G20 summit. They all are trying to make us socialist so nobody can be capitalist. Why? Because they don't want us to have freedom. They want us to be little gullible androids.

It is a conspiracy. Obama is the son of a ***** letting it happen. Do the tea party thing or we'll be the People's Republic of America. The head of State will not have any power, because all the laws are governed by the United Nations with lots of socialist leaders. Teh US President will be a Puppet figure. It'll be like the Majestic 12 or Big Brother.

IT'S A WORLD GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY! TEA PARTY TIME! 2010 the US Constitution no longer relevant.

Most people on this forum are socialist and don't want the United States to be sovereignty and doesn't want you to do tea parties. Get with it.

Europeans are all vampire suckers...suck the trillions right out of you! And its done then we're like Russia in the 1990s...depression and GDP is crap! Like we're spending Stop the crazy spendings bills....they're the problems

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