Saturday, March 21, 2009

PS3 Slim - aiming for the $200 console

PS2 Slim only took four years, and PS3 slim took only 3 years. It will only make this MP4 viewer cheaper. Great for people who like DirectX 9 graphics. The XDR1 RAM is outdated, the CPU and GPUs are like 45 in fabrication, and 14 companies manufacturer blue laser diodes. The motherboard should be 50% the size of the original 2006 model like PS2 Slim. I own two PS2 slims and 1 regular. $200 Linux box :)

Playstation Portable 2 Prototype for $250? codename Cobalt. Runs on 4 GB memory stick PRO Duo flash cards. About 16 - 20 GB of internal flash memory. 720p OPENGL2 graphics.

- Gran Turismo 4 Mobile
- Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops 2
- Little Big Planet Mobile

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