Monday, March 30, 2009

United States going to be Internationally controlled by European IMF

The European Union is going to control the US Government and FCC after the G20 meeting in London, England. President Obama will no longer be the Head of State, a IMF head of state will be replacing him and Nancy Polisi and a Tim Guidner.

Boycott the government while you still can under the US Constitution. Leaked news source. The Europeans are putting America under international authority.

Check the March 30, 2009 episode of Hannity on Fox News Channel.

We can't wait until tax day for those huge Tea Parties that are ready to go all out. Sooner than later. I don't think the Europeans will keep our economy capitalist and free market without smiley face fascism in the long run.

New US Head of State? A French socialist politician named Dominique Stauss-Kahn

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