Friday, April 10, 2009


I downloaded some Saturn SHMUPS after playing Radiant Silvergun including Donpachi, Dodonpachi, Soukyugurenta (Terra Diver in United States), and Battle Garegga off Megaupload. Track 5 of Battle Garegga is great. You can play these games in your CD Player, because they're red book WAV! I have it 'modded' for open region play. The best looking one is Radiant silvergun, but Soukygurenta comes in 2nd. DoDoPachi comes in 3rd place graphically. It's old school! I wanted to play more after Gradius V and R-type Final, because they're all pretty good.

Soukyugurenta story line

After exhausting the Earth's resources, particularly fossil fuel, innumerable trade companies team up with NASA and begin initiating space programs dedicated to finding resources outside the planet Earth. Mining facilities are established in different areas outside of Earth, particularly on large asteroids near the Moon and most especially on Mars. Various resources are found from these areas and distributed to Earth which aid in the world economy. The largest company that is established from this is the Jin-Sei (Exhausting Star) Corporation set in Japan which is worth 1 trillion in New Yen investments, founded by the Miama family.

However, after years of space resource distribution, the separate companies started initiating attacks that would dominate other company's resources. Coupled with this, eco-terrorism was on the rise as out-spoken ecosystem protectionism groups opposed the company's outsourcing of materials. The strongest of these attacks started on Martian colonies established by the second largest company on Earth, Eight Luck Interstellar Development Inc. which banded with smaller companies across Earth including ones in China, England and America. Eight Luck planned on claiming Mars for its own so as to monopolize on the outsourcing of minerals as well as developing terra-formed areas.

In response to these attacks, the Jin-Sei formed a union with the JSDF (known in the future as JDF) and began working on a space fighter program organized by the Defensive Section 2 of the JDF known as the Red Lotus Team (SOQ for short) which utilized a unique laser technology fighting system known as NALS (Non-blind spot All range Laser System) in combat.

Comprised of the best fighters adapted to this combat system as well as innumerable stamina strengthening tests for space travel, the SOQ are sent in to defend company territory from rival companies on Earth and space at all costs.

PS3 or xbox 360 desperately need a SHMUP anthology including:

Radiant Silvergun
Mars Matrix
Raiden I
Raiden II
Raiden III
Gradius III
Gradius IV
Gradius V
R-Type Delta
R-Type Final
Silpheed - The Lost Planet
Zaniac X Zaniac
Blazing Star
Thunder Force III
Lightning Force
Thunder Force for SNES
Thunder Force V
Aero Fighters
Aero Fighters II
Aero Fighters III
Battle Balkraid
Zero Gunner II
Hyper Duel
Ray Crisis
Castle of Shikigami 2
Castle of Shikigami 3
Psyvariar II: The will to Fabricate
Shienryu II
Soukyugurenta (Terra Diver in United States)
Battle Garegga


border down






Found the first one on Megaupload. Latest version of PCSX2 running on WinVista.

Gigawing Generations (3rd game in series)

Gunbird 1 and 2.

Psvariar 2: Ultimate Final


Ibara (PS2)

^ Yes I downloaded it~ Don't ask. ;P

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