Sunday, April 13, 2003

PS2 - Xenosaga Episode I


Developer : Namco

A.) Great Voice Acitng

Publisher : Monthsoft

B.) A really questionable battle system

Released August 26, 2003

C.) Confusing misson objectives

D.) Power ups and resistances.

Type : not your typical Role Playing Game

This game is the prequel of Xenosaga for the PSone from Squaresoft. I haven’t played the original, but from the reviewer ratings, the game sounds really good buy. This game is a little dated now released on a dated system we know as PS2. But what they hell they said, Playstation 2 is Playstation 2, the only console that a developer can score big on now-a-days. This game, with a development cycle of over 2 years, didn’t come to a surprise to Square fans. The graphics were above average to begin with, the cinema is really good for a game of this type. The game is essentially one big movie with all the full motion video in it.

The Story

The game begins in 2022 when people discover an alien artifact in the ocean. They examine it, and human kind haven’t scratched its technology. This makes us feel really good. Four hundred years later we are already in deep space with advanced technology so advanced that it’s really been programmed in artificial life that is made to look human. Other Mech-Warrior type machines help protect the space ships of alien races. This race is highly evolved and their ships are composed of living organisms. A person Sharon creates an prototype artificial life form called KOS-MOS, which really protects Sharon where ever she goes. All the alien race wants, who can easy make humans look primitive, with their much more advance technology, want the ancient artifact humans had for centuries. Aliens, who outnumber the ships crew, eventually steal an emulator of the real thing. This emulator is not as powerful as the real thing, but the ship relies on it. We automatically realize that human-kind is on the losing end of the battle.


I love the graphics, but their not like Xbox graphics which are razor sharp. With a talented staff, which Namco has plenty of, they can do something high profile. This looks like a clean atmosphere and a huge laboratory. The creatures need a little work though. I’m going to take a couple points off because I like Grandia monsters better then this one. Final Fantasy X even had better monsters then this game. The game offers a high polygon count put suffers prepared to many graphically updated franchises like Soul Caliber 2, Jak and Dexter, and Metal Gear Solid 2.

Aren’t Battle Systems odd?

I gotta tell you that this battle system is no easy one. For one it’s harder then hell to upgrade your weapons and mech weapons. There are no escape options in the battle menu itself, instead you use a “Run-Away Spell” The game relies heavy on your Ether Points (essentially your mana), and use then for special attacks and spells like the Run-Away Spell. Guarding during battles will reduce damage to your character and it’ll put ether points on your character. I feel that this game is a lot of one character healing another character a lot while the attacking character gets all the damage. It’s a lot of damage on some occasions it’s frightening to know that your mech, which only Shanon can summon early in the game, does not REGAIN health points during battle, after battle.

I don’t get this EMAIL THING. It’s suppose to help me upgrade my mechs, but it doesn’t help at all. Where do I upgrade my mechs? I don’t have the adequate parts to upgrade my weapons. This game reminds me of Metroid Prime because throughout the game, one of your objectives is to find missing machine gun, plasma gun parts so that your character can upgrade, and without any upgrade, ouch! You might as well start the game over. It Sucks, Luckily it’s is only horrid when you really need the hit points.

Game’s Strength

This game is already a cult classic because it’s going to be the longest running franchise in videogames. A highly original franchise with true sequels unlike Final Fantasy. Okay I take that back, Resident Evil may have been the longest. Or could it be the Street Fighter franchise?

Xenosaga: The Interactive Movie

Namco made this game so that you’ll be watching cut scenes more then you play the game. It seems like with Namco really going to make 5 more sequels of Xenosaga across three Playstations, than this is a long-ass movie!

Music? What Music?

I have to admit, music doesn’t make a game rock like this one. This game made it on the “Top 100 Games of this Generation” by Game Informer Magazine (The November 2003 issue) Music isn’t one the main attributes of Xenosaga Episode 1. But voice acting in this game really, really stands out since all the characters have multiple speech patterns. Even the little guy has his/her place in this game performed by 100s of voice talents. And you thought that only sport franchises had 1000s of key fraises

Xenosaga Episode 1 Uncut

Namco is re-releasing Xenosaga when Xenosaga Episode 2 comes out in 2004. The new final build of the first game has English voiceovers and new costumes, as well as a couple mini-quest Unlike Final Fantasy X International (which was only released in Europe) Xenosaga Episode 1 Uncut will come to North America.


This is not your Final Fantasy. It’ll be a challenge from middle to finish. I like the game because I enjoy watching the cinematics. Not all people agree with me. The battle system is okay, somewhat playable, but confusing when your enemy is immune to some of your attacks and spells. Why does the enemy have an advantage over your party? Why do you get your ass kicked so easily? Why must I beat this game to see the ending … or teaser for Part 2? I love the mech and graphics of Xenosaga. I love the character design too. There’s a lot that I love about this game, and too many things that I hate about it. (posted on October 30, 2003 1:38 PM)

Summing up XenoSaga Eposode 1



The game has a high polygon rate. With no popups.



SThe battle itself is really good. There are aspects of the menu that get congusing quickly. How do I upgrade my weapons again?



Sound Effects


Voice acting is on par with Final Fantany X



I don't know yet.

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