Sunday, April 20, 2003

PS2 - Grand Theft Auto Vice City Review


Developer : Rockstar Games

A.) 10 maps which are huge to drive in.

Publisher :Rockstar Games

B.) Everything that makes GTA popular (guns, cars, motorcycles, and blowing up things) What ever you can ride, you can steal and destroy. And this is the fun part.

Released sometime in 2002

C.) A very long list of cheats

D.) The comments that people make on the street and various radio stations are hilarious! This game is full of mature jokes and crack downs from the main character

Type : Action

I want to say this game rocks! Well I was either getting Grand Thief Auto 3 or Vice City. RockStar did a fabulous job on this game. Vice City is not Grand Thief Auto 4. I read on that GTA Vice City was a big improvement over GTA 3. I got it because a guy at GameStop told me that he'd recommend this game to any PS2 first time owner. Some games just have two much to do. The Playstation 2 in the past had a problem with anti-glare and jaggedness in it's game like early in the systems life. Since I got a Playstation 2 yesterday, I haven't had much time to see why it's the best. The PS2 controller has the best feel of any controller I've experience. (although I found out that the duel shock for the PSone works with this game as well) One reason this game is the best is somehow Rockstar Games managed to put 10 tracks for over 15 radio stations. This game dates back in 1986 in Vice City (a crime infested Miami.) So you get everything from gang warfare to grand thief auto. In fact my favorite part of this game is using a golf club to whack certain people out or just kill them. Just don't knock their head off, it's nasty! Kidding you can do what ever you want. Have fun, it's a fun game and you should you things like that, just not in real life.

Crazy cab drivers I tell you. They run over pedestrians for no reason. Cab drivers just pull in front of you like you weren't there. Did I mention that stealing a police car is fun, but you get arrested if attempt to steal it with a copper inside it. I just had to try even though it was dumb thing to do. The best way to pull this off is to open the passenger-side door and come in on the opposite side so if you lucky, the copper can't open neither door and you make a clean get-a-way. The police still know it's up inside the police car. But you can say that you've done it.

Now how about those high speed chases on the street? Everything is easy until the police send in S.W.A.T. then you better have a machine gun / shotgun or your good as dead. That's what Grand Thief Auto Vice City is all about, stealing the right gun to do the right job (without cheating) OK so R2 + L2 on the duel shock isn't cheating (quick reload) The hardest thing to do in this game is to steal a tank (your invisible as long as you are moving)

All your fast cars in GTA auto like the rare supped up bangie in GTA3 is in this game, but here it's common. Most of the time you can find it has night. One thing that is an awesome ideal vehicle in high speed chases to seek out in the game is the bangie (a supped up all terrian vechile rarely seen in the last game) that they are stable and you can drive moderately fast with it. If you want to go really fast get a Cheechta, because they are ;)

I'm not a good driver sometimes, and I do run over people. Of course it's going to be a hit and run from my point of view. When this happens your police record gets high and you have to get into another car without getting caught. Duh! Right? This part is fairly easy. But I have a problem of being reckless on the road when I park.

When you drive, there isn't any gradual acceleration, so you have to push the X button on the PS2 controller many times to go speed limit. The game has tons of street lights. One thing, that often makes the game violent is that you can crash into other cars, have junk car rallies in parking lots, pick up a gun and shoot.

[What did my friends think of this Game]

I brought my PS2 over to a friends house, and we had a blast. I wasn't to great at stealing cars. The point of the game is to steal a car and shoot cops. Now that Justice mentions it, there are a lot of pimps in the game. Walking around with speedos and their fat. This game is based on real gang life in the 1980s. Some places the gangs have no weapons and are wimps, while others have guns. Most of the time, you have a fist fight to the death. Now that was funny scene! This game is great.

Summing up Grand Thief Auto : Vice City.



Grand Thief Auto Vice City looks very good. There is a blur that I'm not use too. It doesn't matter. All the cars are photo realistic although it GTA may not be the prettiest game on PS2. CNN calls it "live in the fast lane" I call it "Drive fast, don't get caught" The game was also made for the PC, but that takes a lot of power just to run the stupid game. A Pentium III 1.1 GHz with a 64 MB videocard to even play it decently. At night you get all the nights of Miami compete with neon lights, traffic lights, city lights, and the dreaded police cars. Not as frame rate and as high resolution as Gamecube or Xbox, but we have a 3 year old console running this game. To simply put, this game is smoothed out and has a terrible frame rate. It's good that everything else makes up for the games only flaw.



The control is very smooth. Even if the PS2 controller is loose. A a lot of times you find your self getting away from the police fairly easily with the exception of getting chased with the helicopter. If you have a helicopter chasing you, there is no escape. But then you can start on foot and shoot everything in site. The control is very good. Plus Rockstar added scopes and fire cross to all the weapons so you know exactly who your shooting at. Everything adds up. If you hear from people that this game is one of the best available, the control is better then many games could hope to be. I would like to speak out this one last comment, "The control rocks!!!"



GTA created the cop car against gangster car game. GTA 3 took a gigantic leap in the franchise, and Vice City is the latest and greatest. I can't begin to tell you that the game is successful in places where other games are not.

Sound Effects


The radio stations are awesome!



A lot of replays. I highly recommend you go out and get this game.