Friday, April 11, 2003

PS2 - Devil May Cry review


Developer : Capcom

A.) Upgraded Resident Evil franchise that shares adtributes of Genma Onimusha .

Publisher : Capcom

B.) The game's focus is to challege you, but with the guns you can have fun doing so.

Released August 26, 2003

C.) Mission based objectives.

D.) Power ups and resistances.

Type : 3rd Person Action

Game fact: Devil May Cry is a Resident Evil clone made by the same developer. If you like Resident Evil, then you will like this game better (^-^)

Devil May Cry assumes the role of Dante, a half man / half demon bounty hunter with a missing pass. This guy has been pierced with too many swords. That must be his darker half of his body. Chuckle. Dante starts off with a pair of guns and a long sword. Dante can use the sword very fast against his enemies. In the beginning of the game he encounters evil dolls. Now think of Resident Evil when you enter this castle. It’s basically a trademarked idea. Look for items to unlock new areas by defeating a group of enemies or finding keys. When destroying statues to open gain access to boss sequences for the most part, have to first know where it is. It’s pretty ironic. I lot of times you spend a lot of your time searching for a key item and you run into the same enemies over and over again. Just like in Resident Evil when zombies come a live. They become stronger the second time around. I did say this game is a upgrade of Resident Evil. It reminds me of the dark police station in RE2. The game uses still, fixed camera. The very beginning or Mission 1 of the game isn’t hard. Dante can easily over power any enemy with his sword. In Mission 2, Dante gets a brand new sword. This is after he puts a magical staff on a statue. This sword is twice as good as the first. The mission 3 is kind of hard with the scorpion to start the level off. Beware his fireball. But of course you can shoot the fireball with a shotgun and take hit points off the beast.

Dante’s control scheme is much like Resident Evils. Unlike Resident Evil you’re not under equipped. Dante is very athletic. He has many guns to play with along the way of this adventure. He can jump off walls to get to new areas. He can be shielded with energy (L1 on duel shock 2 to toggle) Dante has special moves when he is using guns or different ones when he’s using a kick ass sword.

At the end of each mission, you get mission results. These results are timed based. If you aren’t totally lost ( I use a faq when ever possible ) Dante will finish within a 30 minutes from the beginning of the mission to the end of the mission. If Dante can zip through the mission when he is replaying a mission, then it’s likely he’ll spend 10 – 15 minutes on the mission. It’s really not any bother how much time you spend on the game. It just makes your score go higher. I try jumping around. I try not staying in the same place all the time. I know I’ll press the right button at the right time that something will happen. I just will have to fight more enemies who will regenerate each time I go pass a certain area. Having a shotgun equipped is fun though, and keeps the game interesting.

(article posted on September 10, 2003)

Summing up Devil May Cry



The game is gothic.Dante's character model is good. His trench coat moves with the wind when you control him. His a But it's a good kind of gothic. Your in a run down castle with many devilish characters including pocessed doors.



Soul Caliber 2 is like the orginal except it's gone multiplatform. The PS2 has a bit better handle on this fighter though. I am disappointed that it's a button masher. The game is quicker then the first game.



Sound Effects




I don't know yet.

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