Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The Australian brainfuck

I hate high school. I am the only right-wing guy in the whole academy. These classmates always had a car full of students with an Australian who is Labour (socialist). These students don't say the pledge. I was on my Gameboy Advance during lunch break. These kids were learning socialist politics from the fucking Australian. I was left to roam the streets. The "Whitest black person anyone ever knew" called me racist. I drew something awful and it was both a hammer and sickle and swastika and ran away from school a few times, because I couldn't make up my mind about Jake ( African-American)! They brainwashed me out of politics. I knew one thing, they definitely wanted me to talk at the academy over staying completely mute.

I pretty much hang around Chuck Peskar and Shawn Worm, who were definitely liberal, but definitely weren't Australian Labour Party members. He was fun, because we walked to gether sometimes, and played Unreal Tournament 99 at his house online. He let me us it. He has an obsolete PC with Windows 2000 with a load of Mp3s on it like 2PAC. His Brother has a PC with Debian Linux on it. Montez was a Labour party person herself, because politics didn't matter as far as she was concerned. Carol Motez rule with a stick so it was weird combo (her/Australian). I graduated with a B+ GPA diploma; however, the dogs class really sucked. I knew the Australian family was getting away from the VAT tax in Australia. I didn't pass the Navy test so I'm not exactly going to try again. It was really hard to do that math. I learned a lot more at the private school called Calvin Academy in Moundsview, Minnesota where I was a stray A student. It was a one-on-one education. I thought bullshit, it had everything to do with socialist politics and that the Afghanistan War is going to last for 5 years or more. The students were doing countries, and one did the Russia and he drew the hammer and sickle on his picture that one day. Another picked Germany and drew a Swastika on his. I think I can explain the hammer and sickle.

Yep, I was alienated due to being right-wing.

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