Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Videogames when controlled enhances your mental compacity

Lets disagree with this article for a moment

It is scientific fact that videogames, while as worthless as audio cds or Video dvds in net worth, will enhance your brain in problem solving and quickness. The community of discussing your favorite game with somebody else gives you education of uniteness. It is practically the only way smiley face fascists (aka: liberal fascist) and libertarians may agree which each other though if you talk politics in some countries you're jailed and nobody has as much freedom as we do. Go figure. Which is hwy most Americans don't understand that part and play videogames as it is an indoor activity. Then of course there is the Canadians who close forums just because conservatives are free ourselves biased. So like China, if we speak out, they close it since they can't jail me. It's interesting though the fact of the less free people get more +rep than the free people with the exception of the brainwashed Americans (ie: Canadian wannabes) on that forum.'s just the realization that I'm more free than most of those people.

Therefore, you have to be schizophrenic and sound British when you're completely capitalist for those +rep else you're screwed.

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