Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Global Warming is propraganda

I think with Aussie Rules Football becoming the fastest growing sport in the United States, and that all the liberals are bailing out companies every monday, and we have federal healthcare, Obama totally like Australia. Obama has secret Australian Labour Party connections. Too bad we're too liberal to unravel this scandal. Oh, by the way, Sam Webb, chairman of the CPUSA, introduced social democracy!

Kevin Rudd-Barack Obama scandle
Call me paranoid, but "agent of change" sounds familiar.
Call me paranoid, but "agent of change" sounds familiar.
Barrack and Kevin share the same cronies views

The Global Warming is evil propaganda to not build nuclear/hydrogen powerplants in America, and to build nuclear power plants elsewhere. None built since 1970s.

The UN is evil, because they're looking for money to steal from US (AAA first world nation) and these A first world nations hate us for being extremely rich via capitalism and they run the place. They need all that money to fund bizarre global warming funds and President Elect goofball will play into it, because his an elitist figure head of something like THE MAJESTIC 12! BAHAHA. In Metal Gear Solid, they're known as the "Patriots", but was heavily influenced by the Majestic 12. Something about Solid Snake destroying the super computer in MGS2, known as simply GW.

Be my friend, and together we'll take the power away from Democrats and give it to republicans.

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