Wednesday, December 24, 2008

1991 Lucas Arts Protection is evil!

To whom it concerns,

I figured out how to bypass the LAME-O protection, but there isn't a makefile file in the directory. Yes, I downloaded the ScrummVM emu so I can do Secret of Monkey's Island and Monkey Island LeChuck's Revenge. Got them games off Rapidshare.

It is possible to get past the copy protection. You'll need to compile it yourself, get the tools at and . Get the source code at .

Edit the makefile, and in the DEFINES section, add -DBYPASS_COPY_PROT . Works like a charm.

Pirate LeChucks Revenge
Pirate Secret of Monkey Island

I wish I had a makefile! If Chris Langan can't break into it, how can I? Oh yeah, he'd just buy the real copy.

EDIT: 12:05. I beat you Chris! I just download the Amiga ROM and use WinAUE! I win.

Edit: Dec 25 - combo could be 00 & 00.

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