Sunday, April 29, 2007

Randy's boating experience

My friend, Randy, came over while I was snoozing at 9:30. He has this stern boat with the biggest Mercury motor that is legal for a boat that size and he bought it for 6500. We cruised around Star Prairie Wisconsin's Lake St. Croix. He talked about how the Canadians are down right rude, and they're living off our economy and such. Then I told him how the Chinese hate MPEG4 due to liscencing costs so they're doing their "AVS" for HD programming. I told him about how I use MPEG4 AVC like the US Military does now. I told him about the free one I use for Google Video. He talked about how there are many babes and parties along the lake, Old Milwaukee's NA beer, dead Crappies (because of Winter). Why we don't colonize Alaska (areas w/o permafrost) with big cities and have Domed MLB and NFL stadiums for the future cities. We could use the Boeing 737 or Boeing 777 as cargo plains for the new Alaskan cities. Then we talked about how we'll make Japan become a part of the union...have Tokyo as our largest city (3 US military bases are in Japan) or just buy out something like Jamaica or Aruba and make that a commonwealth, and clean it up considerably afterwards.