Thursday, April 12, 2007

Almost new friend in the bag

Last Friday, I saw three Wiis at GameStop, but my Dad would get mad if I spent $250 on it. ESR is getting me a job in 1 week, because we pay them a lot too. Then I can afford a AM2+ motherboard for XMAS and Wii. Still buying those won’t bring people to my house now would it? I guess I want to start over in my gaming skills.

I haven’t blogged in a while, because school is much too important. Weather in Wisconsin is weird, yesterday there was a snow blizzard coming home fixing my cousin’s computer and today there was no snow by 9AM and it was a sunny spring day. It’s April! Maybe that would happen in March, but April is spring. So I got 60 for Easter, and $60 for setting up my cousin’s DSL. My cousin, Uli, was playing Fable on Xbox..he could care less about my connection. The younger one wanted to hook up the DSL and computer hookup. Going home was dangerous. This paid for 2 games practically including F1 Championship Edition I paid for PS3. I can get first place on Easy difficulty. F1 Championship Edition is more fun than Dreamcast’s F1 World Grand Prix (my favorite F1 game of last gen). The water effects are great.

At school, I am in the process of making a new friend Patrick. He’s nice, but he doesn’t know much about software and wants my help so I give him pirated PC games. I have to write an essay on myself and my visual pathways from the intelligence worksheet I’ve done in class, but the essay is negative and needs rewriting. I made my friend bob a few H.264 videos for his myspace blog asking him to come over so we could play games. It’s boring here in my room doing homework all the time. My classmate over usage of the word “crazy” bothers me.
And why aren’t we liking Iraqi war…it’s better than DEFCON2 in my opinion! That’s why those degrees of defense are in place.


I’m a little lost in the console war so trying to collect all the higher then 85% games out there including the ones for Wii as soon as I can find a job.

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