Monday, February 26, 2007

Resistance Fall of Man & Ridge Racer 7 personal reveiw

First off I know if you misspell worlds your automatically more popular for some reason, but Firefox is the only web browser i can log in with and it has a internal spell check so I plan to use it despite what some popular anonymous guy thinks of elite talk or something...i don't do the so called elite talk here so just deal with it.

First off no dental bills on President's Day due to no cavities despite my above average Mt. Dew intake! I brush my teeth once a day, don't use mouth wash or flase.

I haven't blogged on IGN party because everything seems to be all said for. I can't review a damn game well yet I make 'exceptional resumes.' according to my job seeker program. Ok, I'll try. It's really hard because I'll playderise someone else if I don't....that's real easy to do cos i got it loaded in another tab, but I won't.

Expect it to be less then perfect, but here is a one for my expensive taste.

Resistance Fall of Man short review

I know that Resistance is the only good first person shooter for PS3 and it's the #1 game. PS3 is like a Xbox with hype centered around a pretty first person shooter. This time it isn't a 733 MHz Intel Pentium III powering's a 7 SPE Cell Broadband Engine (more powerful than Core 2 Duo Extreme) PS3 can be seen as the Sega Saturn of the HD era. (with everybody hates programming for it).

The game looks a lot like Battlefield 2 Modern Combat for PC, but it runs at lower fps (30 fps) because the game engine has texture limitations and no hard drive to cache from. The graphics look a lot like Call of Duty 2 for Xbox 360 which was the top selling game before Gears of's not running the Unreal Engine 3.0 which is the best layout engine in the entire game industry. It looks really run down and worse then the Nazi air-raid on London because the game takes place in UK in 1951. And somehow with the creativity of making the Resistance 50 years more advanced /w the V22 Osprey Web as a clear indicator because Humans aren't in the dark even in 1951.

The music is really well designed like in Call of Duty 2/3. I like it okay. Insomniac did a good job on their Ratchet and Clank music and it seems to get a 9.0 at IGN because it's better then most games....that sort of is emulated with Resistance to a certain degree.

Replay value is unrated because I haven't had the time or the need to finish it, but it gets a 9.0 just because it's the best PS3 game out there at the moment.

Ridge Racer 7

Honestly, it got a 8.0 at IGN by directly taking tracks from Ridge Racer 6 that got a 8.5 out of 10 as a launch title and most british-based message boards (Catharton Electronica) also say that because PS3 is in 3rd place so anything using material from a X360 game is automatically bad. So what it has the same tracks as Ridge Racer 6! The graphics match Project Gotham Racing 3 because PGR3 gfx were brilliant for what was seen on X360 in 2005 according to 1up. The graphics are very realistic (as far as whats possible in a video game.) The reflexions on the tracks are really great and look better then what's possible racing games on PS2.

Sound is very trance-like. It's okay and yes, I actually turned it up so my parents hear it. I can seriously get away with this odd music in a video game. Talking about clever. erm, mp3s on hdd anyone? Unfortunately, there isn't a way to read mp3s off hdd in this game like what's possible in 100% of 360 games..disadvantage, but O-well. I still rate this game a 8.0 in sound because I also believe the trance on it is done by a professional and not some amateur DJ.

I give it a 8.4 out of 10 for being fun, but it doesn't seem right for a 9.0 because Resistance has that and Virtua Fighter 5 may even beat a 9.0 tomorrow so a 8.4 just sounds right.

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