Friday, February 09, 2007

AMD K8L and the quitting PC Gaming dellima (not if, when)

At the time of writing this my 3 yr old Dell Dimension XPS (Pentium 4, 2 GB) , it takes 2 seconds to open Word and 2 seconds to open weird Opera 9 . It takes longer to open Firefox cos the internet has this negative effect on Firefox seek time.

Anyhow, I got a Systemax Hellcat so when firefox loads in 1 seconds due to unaffected by Internet or more specifically anything coming thru TCP/80! 1 core is shut off because it’s running in 32-bit mode! That 32-bit mode is still making my new PC beat my Dell Demension XPS by 30 fps in any game.

Athlon 64 x4 (or formally known as AMD K8L) comes out next year and it possesses 2 MB of L2 cache + free 2MB L3 cache (L3 doesn’t exist on Athlon 64 X2) with Hyper transport 3.0. Won’t improve my gaming because I have the most advanced GPU out on the market…the Geforce 8800 GTX and it runs 100% at high resolutions above 50 fps (60 fps is considered the most my retina can process). And it’s for my eyes only which I can sort of share /in form of jpegs.

So there is Crysis, Halo 2, and UT2007 which may bog down my graphics to 40 fps at max settings using my Geforce 8800 GTX. Problem with that is I don’t’ have very much money available so a.) can’t afford any more pc games. B.) I’m buying a Wii in the future C.) Online PC gaming is starting to die except for all the Blizzard games. This means no one will buy Geforce 11 series cards. Actually, I fibbed just now. It sounds smart saying nobody is going to buy Geforce 11 PCIe cards when actually I’ll somehow have the guts for one come 2011. That’s probably going to be the truth, but I don’t see how I would be interested in Unreal Engine 4.5-based first person shooters other then the whole ownership deal. That bugs me. At present I predict that I much rather spend my money on some Xbox 360 game five years down the road.

So today I played Guild Wars Prophecies for only 4 hours today before getting really tired of it. I am still a part of the Guild Wars People (most of them are in pre-apocalypse episode) and I think I’ll find a new guild to be a part of because the current one is dual. What easier time to get occupied than to play UT2004. They say first person shooters increase your response time in homework.

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