Sunday, February 04, 2007

I don't hate America, but i hate politics

I hate the fact I suck at politics....I know Hiliary Clinton is going to be Ms. President already so there is no point in trying to be a republican. It's all about Bill Clinton cos he is a genius. I am republican, but lately I've been brushing up on my liberal communcation skills. I believe I may end up voting in John McCain (Sentator of Arizona) just because he is a republician. The US is at war and the republicans pretty much spend 24% of the budget on military expenses. The future is full of un-manned aircraft ( Boeing X-45, X-47), water bomb detinators seen in James Bond, power armor exelskeleton (like in StarShip Troopers marines) and to keep those must support republican

I love Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson, and Bon Jovi. These are my favorite country artists because their singing is so beautiful. I think that Brooks and Dunn one best duo artists from 1994 - 2002 skipping 2000. And Alan Jackson got several #1s in the US Top 10 in the country genre. All of my favorites are in the mp3 player.

I am going to get out and drive around Hudson so I can buy three games all at once. It looks like i'm getting a new job by next week. Probably at $8/hr. Good news....I may be able to afford Rogue Galaxy (8.5 on IGN, 8.0 on Gamespot)

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