Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Probably going to Rasmussen College in April

Last weekend, I formatted my dad’s hard drive (so it ran faster) and got paid $60 so I can spend it on videogames…possibly F1 Championship Edition for the PS3! High Def high stakes racing….Michael Schumacher became a billionaire off his winning streak. America of course is into NASCAR instead of F1 because we have sports unlike anyone else in the world as “national pastime” unless the other countries got it from us (AKA NFL Europa)

Today I went to Rasmussen College (in Woodbury) and Dean of Students + Head of Networking sat me down with my parents and explained if the courses. The class rooms are suppose to look big and scary and I was suppose to be a nervous wreak, but that’s normal, and I hate getting normal, because getting nervous is stupid and I hate being mainstream. I’m going to enroll here in April, but they only cover A+ instead of CCNA certificate and it’s six times as expensive as WITC. That’s the problem…I wanted to get my money’s worth getting respectable certificate, and this school is really ungodly expensive for what you get, but see I’m not paying for it so that’s not the problem. The problem is they won’t help me get a CCNA (the lowest certificate in the Cisco certification) That’s wimpy compared to CCNP. I said that to the dean, and almost walked out, but then thinking for some reason that wouldn’t be wise (because I’m going there for almost free). The dean (although smarter) and that embarrassing grin on her face knowing I was right. So point is I’m still going to have to fight thru my personal learning problems and get CCNA with a bad job (at least I live with my parents)

Over at Century and WITC, it’s suppose to be chaos with students all wanting their share of attention, but I need a little more then them.

Oh yeah, Virtua Fighter 5 game play is really so much better then Virtua Fighter 4 it truly is one of the top 2 PS3 games out on shelves presently. I had so much fun yesterday playing it!

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