Saturday, February 18, 2006

Motherboard and CPU not fried! | 2 internal + 1 USB HDD

On Friday, I got my computer back without motherboard and CPU fried, just some misconnected wires on the jumpers. The friendly folk at Digital Garage in Hudson, WI set it back to normal. There was no way I knew how to install the wires back to normal. I asked them to set a RAID 0 between 2 hard drives first, but I changed my mind. I wanted a JBOD (Just a bunch of disks) instead and I did that myself to reduce the bill dad paid. During partitioning the WDC WD2000 with Partition Magic windows froze and I now have a goofy HDD BIOS that makes the arm hit against the platter making a clicking sound along with slow boot up. To resolve this I’ll eventually buy a Hitachi 160.0GB HDD to replace it. Now, I am left with the SeaGate ST3250823AS 250 GiB hdd as IDE4 Master and Maxtor Ultra 160 GiB hdd as IDE3 Master.

At Toyriffic a while ago I looked at Wipeout 64, F-Zero and Ridge Racer 64, but I didn’t buy them due to missing ID. I found mixed reviews for them. That gives me more money to spend on Elder Scrolls 4 or Grandia 3 or I can purchase a new hard drive. I am undecided.

Randy didn’t answer his phone today. I can go anywhere, but the thought of staying home, playing a PC game, and enjoying my Hellcat also interesting. The weather outside is brutal …..snowing, icy roads, and 20° (12 below) with windshield.

Pictures of my motherboards

Soyo KT400 Lite Black
Supporting my Athlon XP 2800, and MISC 786 MiB PC2400 RAM

Dell Dimension XPS motherboard picture available later.

Biostar Nforce 4
SystemMax Hellcat supporting Athlon 64 X2 4800 1 GiB PC4000 RAM

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