Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CFL's cheerleaders don't suck! In fact they're pretty good.

Why does the CFL cheerleaders look better than the ones from around here! It's a crime. Canadian cheerleaders just look heathier and cuter for some reason.

Course the NFL doesn't fire cheerleaders because they're not cute enough. That's the problem. CFL just has better looking cheerleaders! NFL should do something such as hire cuter cheerleaders! (Canadian cheerleaders rock!) I know I am only using the Vikings and Renegades for example, but the Green Bay Packer’s haven’t had cheerleader squad since 1988. Why the heck not?

Renegade's cheerleader webpage


MN Viking's Cheerleaders

What’s crazy about Canucks is you can’t tell them apart from Americans! It’s like impossible without ID. True, Canada is our closest ally. We hunt up in Canadian so that gives them freedom to come down here whenever they want too. You can walk around and meet a Canadian without knowing it! It’s normal. They have the same accent. They drive the same vehicles, use NTSC like we do, play gridiron like we do called the CFL (it sucks compared to NFL, but it’s American Football!) And NHL, NBA, MLB are sports both countries share (all have Toronto teams people.) They don’t get involved in any military activities with US except the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

And the metaphor about no Americans….no American football (for worldwide popularity) is entirely untrue like other countries say. They say that on purpose to make gridiron look bad. Idiots. It’s a wonderful game! Girls play soccer. It’s a women’s high school and college sport. That’s why the Women’s FIFA team is #2! Football is a man’s sport!

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