Wednesday, February 08, 2006

fried another motherboard

I came back from Shop Ko with my new purchase Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow and decided to open up my Hellcat and do something stupid!

After yanking the power light and hdd LCD wires off the jumpers on the lower right corner it cost me a $140 motherboard when the computer gave me the lethal orange light. After swearing 6 times, tried to fix it without success by trying re-inserting the jumpers with the power on (big mistake), and told dad the story. He forgave me and bought the same motherboard online. I wanted to find the headphone jack wire and hook it to the sound card while refitting the WiFi card since it was loose. I was grounded with a bracelet because it was in the wall socket the entire time. Using today as a prime example why I don’t install motherboards, I pay someone else $100 to do it for me so I could undo what I’ve done.

I have my former computer arrangement. This day must’ve been the most bizarre day all month. I am suppose to have a headache, but I have none. Even after I punched myself I don’t have a headache.

This week I am been 100% anti-social with anyone other than my parents. I like being antisocial. The internet is my security blanket. On the positive side, I got to play Halo on it before today. And no I don’t dream of videogames or better PC hardware in my sleep. Instead I dream of imaginary girlfriends and exotic dreams with women.

I need more allies which is why it’s fun dreaming as if I were with people.

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