Monday, February 20, 2006

I emulated SNES and GBA on PSP | installed 160 GiB hard drive

I bought the Hitachi 160 GiB hard drive at BEst Buy yesterday for $70 because it was on sale. I love it so far. I was being an airhead because I couldn’t find my static-proof bracelet to install it. At Best Buy I looked around and all the SeaGate 120 GiB Serial ATA hard dives were sold out. Teenagers were chuckling about something when I was there. Okay, okay. This hdd is no big deal. Everyone has them. Doh. I knew that. I was trying not to act irrational and thankfully I had my head screwed on tight.

At home I took a tweezers and set the jumpers to slave mode, installed it, hooked IDE and power cable to it, used Partition Magic 8 to format NTFS and wal-la….instant “G drive”!

I promised using GIFs

Funs over...alrighty then….

It was midnight and I looked at the largest forum on Earth, It has a gaming section. First time I’ve been there. It got a 58 page long PS3 vs. Xbox 360 vs. Revolution thread. I paged through pgs 1 thru 12 before getting tired (it was civil kind of) so I go back to my home forum (Catharton game forum). There are some loonies on (one can expect this of the world’s largest forum). I learned most members are PS3 bias. They apparently knew about programmers lost their jobs telling about Xbox 360 being better cos they haven’t seen the “end product” on their blog I hope when PS3 comes out the hardware quality isn’t crappy.

Afterwards I went on Wikipedia and made Extreme-G and Extreme-G 2 articles. I had nothing constructive to do on Pres. Day so I gave Doom 3 another go on Xbox. Xbox breaks a sweat running the game, but it plays like a high quality first person shooter. I frag average in my opinion. I played the first 5 levels in Goldeneye with the 1964 emulator with my game pad too.

I also emulated SNES and GBA on my PSP for the first time. I played Super Mario World, Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion on PSP. Only glitch is when the PSP goes in standby (LCD turns off) the SNES emulation lags. I took photos to show everybody. I own the original cartridges so it’s legal. Moving the analog stick goes into emulator graphics settings. Audio is 99.9% like original carts. Playing those games brought back memories of 2004 when I bought SNES and GBA SP.

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