Tuesday, January 24, 2006

X360 owned!

I drove to Target and got this plus a $50 warranty. But not before I was looking at Quake 4 and Dungeons and Dragons for PC. Teenager clerk asked me what games I owned so I told him. My checking account didn't bounce after the transaction! At home, I was watching the Project Gotham Racing 3 FMV and noticed it has a lot of trance music in it like Robert Miles. IGN gave PGR3 a 10/10 in sound saying comes in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. On the back side, there is a fan and it blows hot air making it the hottest videogame system I had. I was going to buy a PC game, but I didn't see any Xbox 360 in stock, but they were in the back room. Graphics are 720p, but my LCD TV's resolution is 1280x960. Forza Motorsport (favorite game right now) comes close to PGR3’s graphics. It comes with a PC power cable and a power box is huger than the one inside Xbox. I’ve been playing 3 hours on two AA batteries so I don’t know how long it’ll last. Buying Lithium ion batteries would last even longer, but buying a lithium ion battery pack would last longest I imagine.

Second game I tried was Dead or Alive 4. On my TV where the graphics were resized made it look a lot like Dead or Alive 3 from 2001. That’s not the X360 fault. A major factor was upping the game from Teen to Mature so the game could kind of appeal to the hardcore gamer crowd. I always thought that boob bouncing had to do with sexual themes. Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Vollyball has been rated Mature just for bikini aspect.

Xbox 360 plays half my games on it. If you go to http://www.xbox.com/pcsetup you’ll find that you can transfer mp3s/wma to the hdd wirelessly via WiFi. You have 12 GB to your disposal after all the WMV and WMA pre-installed the hard drive.

The power box is gigantic

12V output
120V input

My SysteMax Hellcat hopefully will come in tomorrow.


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