Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ADVANCE PNG: PNG with 7-ZIP's deflate

I've been using ADVPNG for two weeks and what it does is compress PNG with 7-ZIP's deflate compression instead of any old deflate compression. Results can vary between 9 - 20% better PNG compression. I put mine in the C:/image directory. ADVCOMP, deflate, and png are all free.


I just add the images I want compressed in the image directory than type

ADVPNG -Z -4 *.png

All done!

advancecomp v1.15 by Andrea Mazzoleni
Usage: advpng [options] [FILES...]

-l, --list List the content of the files
-z, --recompress Recompress the specified files
-0, --shrink-store Don't compress
-1, --shrink-fast Compress fast
-2, --shrink-normal Compress normal
-3, --shrink-extra Compress extra
-4, --shrink-insane Compress extreme
-f, --force Force the new file also if it's bigger
-q, --quiet Don't print on the console
-h, --help Help of the program
-V, --version Version of the program

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