Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Turrican II on my Virtual Amiga

I was bored Saturday so I bought a pack of 10 DL-DVDs instead of Xbox 360 at Best Buy. I figure every place was out of them. Yesterday, I was playing Soul Calibur II on the PS2, beat Arcade mode with that female with sword and shield. I had fun so I bought Soul Calibur III yesterday. Soul Calibur III has a customize character mode, but it makes up a MB of memory card kind of like NFL or Winning Eleven franchises.

I might be able to increase my processor from a A64x2 4400 to a A64x2 4800. I am unsure if I can get away with the price of $2400. I might have to decrease my GPU from a Geforce 7800 GTX OC to a 7800 GT OC. The difference is two pipelines and 4 GB/sec texture bandwidth lost. One of the great things about a A64x2 4800 is it can be over clocked to 2.6 Ghz and be stable for 3D games

I downloaded WinUAE 1.11, the only emulator built on reverse engineered data. Amiga 2000 came out in 1987 by Commodore. The Amiga is hard to emulate. Make sure you got the kickstart 1.3 ROM or you won't be able to run anything! Get it at http://home.online.no/~mrroboto/pacmania/the-emulators/the-emulators.htm

Sample Screenshot

CPU Motorola 68040
8 MB of RAM
107 GB available hard drive space!!!
FREE copy of Turrican II
Stereo portable mini-speakers
Decised in a Dell Dimension XPS case!!!!

Today, I drove to Best Buy, but was 1 hour after the second Xbox 360 sold at Noon. I am betting that next Tuesday the store gets new shipments! Meaning I'll be there. Instead I bought Lunar Eternal Blue Complete, but I had Quake 4 in my hands for a long period. O-Well. I am not very excited for Quake 4 anyways.


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