Monday, November 21, 2005

Xbox 360 is out of stock before midnight ! Weird!

I showed up at wal-mart in Hudson, WI at 11:50PM and about 20 other people were waiting for theirs. Womble is right. The store sold out with 8 people to spare. Sad

I try to socialize. Told them all about me and Catharton Electronica. Why I like Xbox. None of them really cared because they wanted to go home and play their system.

Time right now is 12:40AM

The best game for Xbox 360 looks to be Perfect Dark Zero next to Project Gotham 3.

However, Target is open at 7 AM.

I drove back home and called Walmart and the operator said the store is the store underestimated the demand at midnight. Doh! Other larger stores buy 100 of these things to meet demand.

I don't have a Jeep Grand Cherokee to drive to Target so I'm not moble for the rest of the day!

Although my mom bought Project Gotham Racing 3. The disc looks the same except now you can see how much information is on back because now the shadow shows.

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