Monday, November 07, 2005

12 Saturn games emulated on PC including Virtua Fighter, Nights into Dreams, Daytona USA, Rayman, Panzer Dragoon.

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It took more than 10 yrs, but Saturn emulation is finally conquered! About a year ago I used Daytona USA and the sky was missing and wasn’t playable. SSF 0.07 Beta however allows me to play Daytona USA! I can play all the games with USB Sidewinder, USB analog game pad or keyboard. The emulator seems to require a fast DVD-ROM, because Saturn’s 2x CD-ROM requires near perfect emulation. I own all the games so it’s legal. SSF may be the only emulator besides its commercial counterpart, GuriGuri, which plays games. SSF compatible with most of the Saturn software. I recommend Direct X 9 installed before using this version of SSF. Audio (usually AD-PCM encoded) is perfectly emulated. I never got audio before, it’s a real treat!

Sega Saturn is a little more powerful than Playstation capable of more 2D sprites. The most famous game was Nights into Dreams. Saturn “died” in 1997, but it wasn’t official until 1998.

SSF 0.07 Beta

CPU: Two 32-bit SH-2 (28.6MHz) RISC processors
RAM: 2MB, Video RAM: 1.5MB
Colors: 16.7 million
Polygons: 200,000 texture-mapped, 500,000 flat-shaded per second
Game Media: CD-ROM
Resolution: 704x480
Sound: 32-channel PCM, 8-channel FM stereo

My own tested and playable games

- Nights into Dreams
- Rayman
- Sonic 3D Blast
- Darius Gaiden
- Panzer Dragoon
- Daytona USA
- Sega Rally Championship
- Virtua Fighter
- Virtua Fighter 2
- Fighter Megamix
- Gex
- Mr. Bones

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Daytona USA

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Nights into Dreams

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Sega Rally Championship

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Fighters MegaMix

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Sonic 3D Blast

It was night. My father switched the license plates so I can now drive the 2000 Jeep. I followed Randy on the right side of the interstate focused on his Chevy Silverado and it felt like 36° Fahrenheit in some thunderstorm, and couldn’t find the auto close window button because it was dark for one thing and hydroplaning for another thing. Saturday night I put 40 miles driving to Menomonee, WI where I slept over at his house because he and I wanted to play Playstation 2 longer. When I got there, we played Winning Eleven Soccer 7. I won both times. He has a friend that lives upstairs in this kind of small house that he and his girlfriend rent. His girlfriend is a lot younger and we kept talking about how her dad wanted a new Jaguar or Volvo sports car? Those things are expensive. Randy and she sleep in same bed. I slept on a sort of comfortable coach in the living room. I went to sleep at 2 am, and woke up at 6 am. I decided to leave at 7 am because Randy didn’t waking up in that point of time. I found Interstate 94 West right away. The on ramp was actually outta Menomonee. I listened to my burnt trance mp3 cd coming home to Warren township.

He works in St. Paul six days a week where his 2000 Saab 9-5 is his primary transportation. He bargained it at a few grand ($1K) off the original dealer price and bought a Saab because he hated when his ’93 Cadillac DeVille did a burnie at random intersections.


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Hi Ian's Smashing Good Blog Site,

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