Monday, November 21, 2005

Listening to RPG music on PC | Choice of 1 or 2 Xbox 360 games

I’m listening to PSF (portable sound format) for Winamp via Highly Experimental plugin. It’s brilliant. I download PS2 and PS1 rips of my favorite videogame music and play it in Winamp w/o any lost of sound.

I got these music rips from Zophar


Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Vagrant Story
Lunar 1
Lunar 2
Valkyrie Profile


Dragon Quest VIII
Final Fantasy 10 (the best of all)
Final Fantasy 10-2
Growlancer 2
Phantasy Star Generations 1

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Less than 21 hours to Xbox 360 launch. Mom’s getting Project Gotham 3 for me when she comes home from work on Tuesday. I have a choice to either buy a game with my Xbox 360 or not at all. The choice of game would be Dragon Quest 8 or Perfect Dark Zero. Dragon Quest is the latest Square-Enix RPG and has some old school RPG elements. It’s hard to decide. I see that 64 MB memory cards are $40, but I won’t need them. I know I much rather have the external HDD.

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