Saturday, November 19, 2005

Random thoughts including 2 days 11 hours till Xbox 360 launch, Xbox 360 at Thanksgiving, silly dance music

Modblog has been down for half a week now. So Blogger is my primary blog server. Welcome those from Modblog if there are any of you :)

In 2 days, 11 hours, 8 minutes I believe I’ll get the Xbox 360 + detachable HDD + Project Gotham Racing 3 than I come home extremely excited to play my new toy I might not get to the next blog entry until 10 hours later.

My 1st first person shooter looks to be Perfect Dark Zero. The N64 game was really, really good. Amongst the best games actually. Could well be the best first person shooter on N64. In fact, today, I was listening to Perfect Dark USFs (Ultra 64 Sound Format) on the computer and it sounds excellent. That’s the track music. Better than any commodore music. Those are free too.

I completed Resident Evil 4 yesterday. It was extremely fun. Shooting zombies /w a shotgun was fun especially when I used the invincible cheat so I didn’t turn into one. I got bitten 100 times and died a few time with the swinging butcher blades and that blasted iron maiden when I fail to get out. The hardest part I thought was that room with machine guns on every corner. Every once in a while a mad monk would shoot me in this room with one of those machine guns. I was really frustrated I couldn’t get outta there alive.

This Thanksgiving Thursday I’ll bring over both my Xbox 360 and Xbox over. My cousin, Brian signed into the USMC and he’s shipped out. Master Chief must’ve gotten to him because Halo happens to be one of his favorite games. He’s doing it for his country so I believe he’s not there. We’ll have turkey, stuffing, egg salad, pumpkin pie, Mountain Dew, Coke, and cheap beer (legally finally). I’ll try a can of Coolers Genuine Draft. There is usually an American Football game on folk like to watch. It’s probably Detroit vs. Dallas and the Cowboys are going to win!

Right now I’m listening to dance music yet again including ATB – 9PM Till I Come, Don’t Stop, Underwater World, Ocean Trance, Ayla Part 1, Hold you, Marrakech mostly, then Armin - Galaxia, Blue Fear, Chicane – Offshore, overtune, Don’t Gift Up etc. I’ve had been listening to these songs since December 2001 from the file dates in file properties.

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