Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Someone didn't warn me about God of War & being a lazy geek too

I admit my last entry wasn’t very good. I could copy / paste all my posts from Catharton, but I won’t because that’s cheating although it would make everything slightly easier. As you know, I haven’t spoken to any person on here, because I’m busy, and this is for other people to read. I update 3 – 5 days regardless of the circumstances. Everything 3rd or 4th day I get really excited, because it’s “blog entry day!”

On Sunday, I went to the videogame store and bought Devil May Cry 2, walked back to my truck, and thought, “Do I really, really want this game? It’s only a 7/10 game, but it would complete my Devil May Cry trilogy.” Deciding I’ll never play DMC 2, I’ve refunded it at the store & spent more money on two extra used videogames. The first purchase was Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. That usually means it was returned very quickly after first purchased. I remember reading IGN’s review the day before I bought it which also had an effect on purchasing the game. That now makes 31 Gamecube software purchases since September 2001. I couldn’t say games because of the Sonic Mega Collection & Zelda Promotional Disc multiple games thing. Back then, it was true Gamecube didn’t have more then Sega’s Skies of Arcadia Legends and Lost Kingdoms in terms of role playing games. According to IGN, the graphics were a 9.0/10, the game play was 8.5 out of 10, and the sound received a 9/10. The other game I’d bought was Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls brand new for Gameboy Advance. I already own Final Fantasy Origins, but now I’ve Final Fantasy I and II for two different platforms. There is something about Final Fantasy I on a Gameboy Advance which makes the purchase worth it. Not only do both games inside Dawn of Souls feature better graphics than Final Fantasy III, it is 20 dollars less Toyriffic’s asking price. If I didn’t buy Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls; I could have afforded “God of War.”

I’ve asked when the store is getting Valkyrie Profile (super rare and popular PS1 videogame), and Phantasy Star Collection for Gameboy Advance. Neither game existed at the store. Everybody seems to want Valkyrie Profile for Playstation which is my point. People either want it because it’s rare or because it’s a Tri-Ace game. My expert opinion is customers want it because it’s rare, and the one whom has it can brag about it! Wanting the game is very simple to comprehend like the phrase, “if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck (an endangered species in this case)” or “Behold this rare specimen, you have nothing! HAHA!” The 2nd part sometimes ticks me off more if I know which developer (team of game developers who form a company) which made the game. The store thinks it can get $80 bucks out of me, well, I can get it cheaper off EBay, and whoever figured that out before isn’t dumb. I don’t blame the people who work there since it’s not their fault game prices were steep, they just sell the games to customers. If only I had a credit card, I could start bidding off EBay which will never happen this year or next year.

What’s this God of War for PS2 which has created quite a stir in the videogame world? Third most phenomenal videogame of all time according to Gamespy? In my point of view, no way! It shall not top Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Bros 3, Halo 2, Halo, and Unreal Tournament 2004, Half-life 2, Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Super Mario 64, and in that order God of War got a lot of 10 out of 10s….graphics 10/10? Game play 10/10? Sound 10/10? See, I am smarter than this. Half-life 2 got a 12.10/10, and it looks so much better than God of War which doesn’t mean much to Gamespy apparently. According to Gamespy’s review structure, the game shall top the charts due to one person’s point of view of a game for any system. God of War may not be one of greatest videogames (like the review sites from IGN and Gamespy) ever although I can’t deny the game play is better than 95% games out for PS2. I might sound like I’m a rich fellow owning all these big releases when they first come out, but in reality; I’m pretty much broke as far as walking around money. My mother was making a condition so if I go to Target today and get a videogame of my choice, she’d reimburse most of it and it’ll be in my Easter basket this Sunday or almost free. I’ll probably choose God of War for PS2 sooner or later. I was going to get Digital Devil Saga which is hugely popular at Toyriffic for some reason because it’s another RPG I probably won’t play. It would be the third mature RPG I’ve bought as of yet (first one was Fable for Xbox, second one was Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne), plus I’d rather get Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ the 2nd game published by Nippin Ichi America (first was Phantom Brave), but introducing a new developer, Gust. It’s another one of those strategy RPGs like an old Command & Conquer game. So far I have all the Nippion Ichi games which made it to the US. Why would I buy this graphic deprived game? Answer: looks like an old school RPG (SNES style) in my house, so it must appeal to people who remember the 16-bit era.

I’ve this strange feeling that games for Playstation 3 will not be on BD. Videogame file size won’t need anything more then DL-DVD. In fact, Xbox 360 is keeping the DVD-ROM drive without upgrading to a HD-DVD-ROM drive. It’s much cheaper to add 2 discs in games which need it than add the more expensive HD-DVD-ROM drive in every Xbox 360 like previously thought. Heck, for the first year, in my opinion, most Americans won’t own too many next generation discs (HDD, BD), so being able to play the current DVD media on Xbox 360 will be acceptable by most Xbox gamers!

Yesterday, I was playing Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Wave Race - Blue Storm. I didn’t get 1st place in every race in Mario Kart 64! That’s because I’m not perfect at it, but back when I was 13 - 15 I was a lot better. It was possible for me to get 1st place in all of the 150cc tracks. One time I’ve lost the lead by getting rid of a red shell which came back and hit me. The other time, I was second and I didn’t get a blue shell at all so there was no possible way to take back the lead. Mario Kart 64 does these little idiosyncrasies I use to play this game a lot when I was growing up to an adult. I’ve played the Star Cup at 100cc. Did you know I use Action Replay on games I don’t care about? Well, I’ve added a code that unlocked everything in Mario Kart Double Dash so I could finally play the locked tracks, and I’ve also got Toad as one of the four unlockable characters. I’ve played as Toad and Bowser Jr. in one grand prix, but I’ll favor Yoshi and Princess Peach (also Toldstool) over all characters. Laugh all you want. I’ve had a gut feeling that the new Rainbow Road lacked design and a decent soundtrack. Nintendo could have had done a better job remixing N64 version of Rainbow Road. I wonder what tomorrow’s videogame shall be? Devil May Cry 3? Dark Cloud 2? Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga? Gran Turismo 4? Prince of Persia - Sands of Time? Who knows?

The same day I did something stupid, I installed the Longhorn Transformation Pack 9.0 from It’s horrible. I remember installing LTP 6.0 and it did the same thing. First, it made my ISP connection really, really bad, slower then normal. Then it would use a lot of system resources and make everything slow. Everyone, take it from me, do not download & install that free Longhorn Transformation Pack 9.0. SO GOT THAT!

I’ve drove back to Toyriffic today to buy Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x (as in THPS 1&2) for Xbox. I’ve thought this over and made a vowel I’ll own all the Tony Hawks for Xbox which I’ve fore filled. I was surprised that THUG2 was only $25. The franchise got its reputation on Playstation so might as well own the last two to complete the series. Prior to this, I’ve thought heavily on either buying Saga Frontier 2 or Threads of Fate because both are made by Squaresoft. As my options got better, I’ve finally let those go of the thought entirely. I was also pondering on paying $30 for Square’s Breath of Fire for SNES, but I would never play it, and in reality it was over priced in my opinion which in reality is only worth $15! It did have something to do with graphics by the way….

As for the final WITC writing project, I’m brainstorming a formal evaluation and research report which is due next month. My thought was doing something obvious like DVD collecting at home or why Pentium 4 is better than Athlon 64? Something simple like that because if I’d ask something like what ping do you have at home? I’ll only ask the technical influenced people instead which is why I do the survey at school where everyone knows about Internet bandwidth and them stuff. In my opinion, surveying internet between cable, DSL, or dialup as one of the choices isn’t a great idea because it’s too broad of an answer, plus, I know for a fact that high-speed Internet users out number dialup users 2:1! People with dialup are always the ones who don’t care about the Internet in the first place. Those people don’t need high speed to get a few tasks done. I, on the other hand, tend to be an internet junkie where high ping throughput is very important.

New Games: Tony Hawks Underground 2; Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2x; Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls; Baten Kaitos - Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Also showing bloggers all Tony Hawk games for Xbox

That’s all for now. Come back in 3 days.

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