Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ramblings of various stuff including PSP

Sorry about the 5 day response time here at Ian’s Smashing Good Blog Site. First off is more news on next generation consoles. I’ve learned that NEC is only making the semiconductor. Revolution CPU(s), Hollywood, is still being manufactured by IBM. IBM is also doing business with Sony and Microsoft for their consoles too. IBM has the largest silicon chip research and development teams on Earth.

Well, there is ten days until Playstation Portable gets launched. I’ll be excited about buying that. My favorite game for PSP will be Wipeout Pure. PSP is likely to sell out the first day. I’ll be able to afford one at the launch.

Did anyone know that I got a 76% or 22/30 on the Playstation 2 IQ test at Well I did. I was excited for a moment there, but I just know the tidbits I guess.

As you might know, I don't concern myself with national problems, today I’ve made an exception by watching the History Channel where I’ve learned about private military sectors which were created because it’s a way around the public’s opinion (who wants a volunteer military). So I was unaware that the American/Arab war in ‘91 was being fought by the US Army / US Navy / US Air force and private militaries also referred to mercenaries when not included in US military. Unlike the US military, soldiers who work for a commercial organization can come home if the going gets tough, and the American soldier can not. I don’t like the private military (which gets paid more than our government’s soldier) than the rightful volunteer military because the private sector does not answer to a Four Star General instead he/she answers their private organization’s recruiter whom answers to the American military strategically. In any case, I learned that people want to earn more money and take vacations instead of working in the government faction.

On Saturday, I went to my friend Randy’s house at 7 PM. It was pretty cold around freezing so I took it slow. His house is in the town of Hammond. It’s pretty small. When I drove there, he and I went down to his basement and we played Burnout 3 on PS2. I suppose his dad saw me when I came in the door. In Burnout 3, you race to the finish line like most racing games, but we all crash into each other for points. The several obscure opponents flip your car or crash it against the railing enough it’ll eventually explode! I’m not complaining since this is how the game forces you to play aggressive-like. The racing part with car against car of Burnout 3 is the most fun. The other part, crashing into an intersection didn’t make much sense to either of us. Speaking of which, I would have bought this game for Xbox, but instead bought the PS2 version. Okay, point here being the head 2 head racing was the only fun part.

Then we tried out four of the PS2 rpgs I haven’t played yet. Yeah, these were imported role playing games from Japan which has been translated into English. First off we’ve played Phantom Brave made by Nippion Ichi. The voices spoiled it, the music was above average, the voice-overs were little cutesy high octave girlie voice-overs The music in Disgaea - Hour of Darkness was a bit crazy, not only above average, I thought the music score was like a cartoon music whomever composed it. The graphics had anime sprites with the oddest backgrounds colorful mixed in with demonic things…weird stuff. Looked dark too, well you play the prince of the underground so everything is evil I suppose. Then I’ve played Lu Pucelle Tactics. That game was developed the same way and by the same team who worked on Disgaea. You start out in the church and you fight demons. The IGN review spoiled it for me. Yeah, that was interesting. I can’t describe it because I only played it for 5 minutes and I don’t care to play it again. Then I showed Randy Ys VI (PS2 game) I’ve bought from Toyriffic he and I were looking all over Woodbury for last week. He had nothing to do that day so we went searching to various stores including Game Stop, Best Buy, CompUSA, Toys R Us and Game Crazy. All and all these games are bad, but yet I love getting the strange imports hoping I’ll get a diamond in the ruff one of these times. He likes country so he let me compress his George Strait’s 50 Number Ones. I’ve always liked new music to add to my mp3 collection. It has about 51 of his songs. Country is a change of style instead of fast paced trance I am use too, plus that’s what my friend is interested around here.

All this week WITC (Wisconsin Institute of Technology College) has been on spring break which hasn’t bothered me because I don’t go to college at all, I just send my homework electronically to them. Carthaton Electronica is offline today so I was looking for something on the Internet to do. I’m already ahead in my college technical writing class so I needn’t to worry about that for now. I shall work on Visual Basic more, but today, I’ve been taking a break in between working on homework… a lot of little breaks for that matter. This week I’ve been learning how to save files in new folders and follow directions precisely. Reading directions precisely hasn’t been working out very well for me. Heck, I’m not complaining, because I know I have to rely on myself to get through it, and starting to dread these following directions in the book stuff because I don’t like retracing my steps. I NEED DISCIPLINE!

Tomorrow, I get to tell whatever is on my mind (doesn't mean I will though because I can be secretive when there are no rules)! My parents are telling me to be nice, and I might agree with them and be nice to this doctor. He’s going to help increase / decrease my meds, but I won’t agree with everything he says.

Damn, I need friends now! What can you do? You’re all in another state!

I shall go to bed and stop my ramblings for now.

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