Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter was great until someone stole my game & downloaded Laxius Power II & III

On Friday, Randy and I played Vs Mode in Super Mario Bros. and he won and I gave his money’s worth at it. Randy had made it to World 8-3 because he had found a secret beanstalk in World 5-1 which only appears when invisible squares are hit. Then we went to Perkins in town to eat dinner. I had a juicy bacon cheeseburger with fries. I’ve tried to talk about IRC (internet relay chat), IM and videogames, but he doesn’t like those things. We’ve been friends for a long time so I liked spending time with him and his girlfriend, just not in the restaurant. When we were in the Target parking lot, he pealed out because a couple of teens were looking at him funny. His ego was really big on Friday. Randy is a person you can kid around with. So we went inside the store and picked out God of War for a full $50 and saw the PSP on the self for $250. This means that I don’t have to pay $150 more for a value pack having games I don’t even need. I didn’t buy the PSP, but may purchase it next month when $185 dollars is added to my checking account. That’s next week everyone! It is what I want to have by the way. So we’ve got back and played World Series Baseball 2K3 at my house. He chose the Oakland Athletics and I chose the Minnesota Twins. The Twins won because I kept advancing the bases which he hadn’t learned to do early in the game, but he also made a big come back doing the same thing I did to him. On the front of the controller, the 4 buttons represent the bases and the player can advance using the buttons. We haven’t figured out pitching styles yet (fast, screw, insider, and wine-up). There were few bugs in this game, outfielders controlled extremely well. It’s the 2nd best baseball game for Playstation 2. The best game is EA Sport’s MVP Baseball 2005 from what I saw ranking wise. EA Sports delivered a better game than they usually do.

I’ve treated yesterday like an ordinary day until I got my videogame stolen. Since I now have a satellite in my room, I was watching a horror flick called “The Grudge.” The grudge is a dead spirit that eats people. Actually, it didn’t scare me a bit except the grudge’s first appearance in the film which sent a chill down my spine. I was fascinated the movies setting which is in Japan. Of course, the main character is American exchange student. The grudge eats people who come to its house. Actually, there were 2 grudges in the end. If an existing grudge eats someone; that person becomes a grudge. In public, the grudge looks like an ordinary person and can’t eat anyone.

Then I watched Goldeneye. The first thing I noticed was the film is a lot different than the videogame for Nintendo 64. The movie was entertaining. Boris was a funny character. He’s the Russian nerd who wants to be a genius, and says, “I’m invincible” whenever he hacked into the CIA database & that time right before he was frozen with cyanide when it fell on him. Of course when the computers are inactive he pretty much pounds the monitor to death. It’s probably the 2nd best 007 film starring Pierce Brosman. It’s not as good as 007 films starring Sean Connery. I’ve none of the old James Bond movies on VHS.

I’ve brought the Gran Turismo 4 DVD in its case and the disc was stolen by the only person who could have stolen it – my cousin. I’d caught that Tekken 5 disc was missing, and he told me to check home to see if it was in my other PS2 which was true. He didn’t want to play Gran Turismo 4 when I asked him for that reason. The fricken smart ass.

After the NCAA basketball game, my dad, Uncle Jim who lives there, my cousin’s husband, Jim, and my other cousin’s husband, Jeff. Everyone was playing “Phase 10” (card game). I’ve joined in for a bit, but kept loosing so I went home to check every single case for the missing disc. And I went back to see what if Josh happened to return there or if the disc was on the floor in the room the console was hooked up in. However, I called his place to talk to him, but I’d got a hold of his dad instead so I asked him kindly if he saw a rogue disc lying around to call me back, and I’ll have the answer today. I remember being furious about it and checking every single case it could be in. I am not a person who puts games in different cases out of laziness. It looks like I’ll have to repurchase Gran Turismo 4. First stolen videogame since I gave a former friend Diablo 2 to copy it, and had it stolen at his house!

Anyhow, I am re-downloading Laxius Power II because I couldn’t find it. Laxius Power series are freeware games inspired by Final Fantasy II, Phantasy Star II, and Suikoden. According to the site, a group of people got a little crazy with RPG Maker 2000 making it look like Final Fantasy II. The game play is barely professional, but playable. It does have a battle system which looks like that of Final Fantasy I in Dawn of Souls for GBA. I also downloaded Laxius Power III, and added these games to the new freeware section to my videogame list. This is my 28th major update to the list. All these games are at the Laxius Power Homepage.

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