Sunday, March 06, 2005

Invitation to Gmail & couple more games

Welcome to my humble blog and I’ve been here a good year in which all of you shall recognize this URL by now. On Thursday, I bought 3 expensive games. Yeah, the ones I wanted. I only opened one though by Sunday. I’ll start by saying I was looking towards buying a videogame I thought only purchasable at Game Stop. I called ahead for this game. IGN and Gamespy actually made me want the game. Like most things, these sites get me excited about many games I’d eventually buy. Game Stop was out of stock which always means it’s a best seller. This specialist store is also 27 miles away from my house. As lazy as I am, I try to get everything east of the St. Croix River! I drove to River Falls ShopKo about Noon. I wish I hadn’t driven to River Falls because ShopKo stocked neither Tekken 5 nor Ys - Ark of Napishtim. It took me 10 minutes to get out of ShopKo because I was pondering on which games are good from the 50+ selection. I drove 15 miles away to Target where I found Tekken 5 on the store shelf. I also was reading Devil May Cry 3 review off IGN thinking that this is a good purchase. I’ve paid Tekken 5 with cash and DMC3 with a check totaling $108. I’ve always liked to chat with Toyriffic people when I’m there, so I went there thinking I’d get a cheap game under $20. I was lucky I went there when 1 copy of this particular game Game Stop sold out of was there. That now makes 71 PS2 videogames. This game was important because I like buying cosmetic RPGs, and is suppose to be better than Shining Tears by 10 points.

When I got home that day and was playing Tekken 5 for the next 3 hours. Actually, one of those hours I was playing Tekken 3 which was a bonus with Tekken 5. As you all know Tekken 3 was critically the best Playstation Tekken and the arcade version was high resolution which is what this is. I am surprised how fewer combos increased so much strategy with all the Tekkens including Tekken 5. I am use to playing games like Dead or Alive which is clearly different. Easy difficulty was like Normal and Normal was like Hard to me. I’ve looked on and saw the game got 9.2 out of 10 on average based on 10 review sites. IGN gave Tekken 5 a 10/10 in the graphics department. The other two games are still on my shelf. I guess I’ve looked on the back a couple times to see what the graphics were like. Tekken 5 is my 3rd favorite fighting game next to Soul Caliber or Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. The same day, I’ve had Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in my Dreamcast so I was playing that. My Dreamcast controller has seen better days (I’ve had it for 5 years) and both triggers stick on two controllers. Sega controllers are cheap so after they get dirt in them, something stops functioning. I play rough with all analog sticks in any controller. MvsC2 only used 4 buttons and the D-pad although I am more comfortable with the analog stick since the character’s traction increases. The game was fun when my hands were responsive and agile before they slowed down and my winning streak stopped suddenly, and the game got less fun. I had the most luck winning matches with Spiderman, Doctor Victor Von Doom, and Wolverine. I am pretty sure Dr. Doom is a FANTASTIC FOUR villain. (I cheated and looked on Google). If Dr. Doom is here where are the Flame, Invisible Girl, Ben and Liquid Man? Before, I tried Cyclopes, Captain America, and Ryo, but failed to get to the 2nd round. Mega Man isn’t an option like he was in the prequel! I’m pissed off now; I wanted to play Mega Man badly. MvsC2 is a button masher. It’s very fast, and the music I like. It’s jazz and old school R&B mixed as background music for each stage and plays like Guilty Gear. I was playing that for another hour.

New games: Ys 6, Tekken 5, Devil May Cry 3, Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic

I’ve been listening to more trance today like usual with my earphones. Also have been talking on Cartharton Electronica, the treads on this British site are getting dried up because it’s the slow transition between current generation and next generation and there isn’t enough to talk about. I’ve been doing quick subjects like “How many games do you buy a month”, “Favorite Mario game”, “Most informative gaming site”, “Favorite MP3 (software) player”, and those posts haven’t done very well. Maybe 30 – 40 hits at the most.

Oh yeah, I got my new Gmail account at I don’t know what I’ll use it for though. 1000 MB is a lot of space, and I’m use to – 1 MB emails. I’ve got an invitation by Admin of Carthaton Electronica!

Yesterday, I was playing a videogame called Castlevania - Circle of the Moon. It’s hard because I get knocked back by the electricity from the skeleton mages. Then there are gargoyles who throw spears at Nathan (hero of Circle of the Moon), and my timing is off. Which is rubbish as the British would say. My timing got better an hour later. Love the music though. It’s classic videogame track music. Midi at it’s finest….Konami (developer) certainly knows their music. Circle of the Moon is a classical orchestrated inspired Castlevania. I’m about 18.5% completed with the game. The most I’ve completed in this game

Today, I am relaxing in my office chair, looking at the boards because I see it as fun drinking 2 Coke cans already today and it’s only 6 AM CST! Oh yeah, I’ve ate a half bag of chocolate covered M&Ms. Not a bit tired neither. I’ve played Circle of the Moon since 3AM. Then I was writing this entry since 4:30 AM CST.

Right now, I am trying to save up for a Playstation Portable or a 3rd MP3 player called the Archos Gmini. I can’t do both. Both cost about $250. I would buy the PSP if it was less than $200 because I’m into games and it’s not a horrible decision either. In other words, I really want a Playstation Pocket! No, I’m not getting Metal Gear Acid. Metal Gear Acid takes place in 2025. Konami added a card function to it. The one whom deals the best card gets the best damage. The enemy can deal a better card and get your better card. I might own Tales of Eternia and Tales of Phantasia, both Namco RPGs. My first game shall be Wipeout Pure for sure. I don’t remember the last time I’ve used my Dual Screen. It stands to reason because I only have one game for it. I’ve hardly use my mp3 players (iPod, Jukebox) on the go so the reader must see why it’s be difficult decision. Yes, I know…. why would I sacrifice food, water, clothes, and housing? You see the exception is I’m getting those free; otherwise, I wouldn’t be so motivated getting so much software that looses its value immediately. The value isn’t concerning me; it’s the technology changing so rapidly in these transition years. I’ll keep collecting videogames as long as my income allows me too because it’s my choice and all that good decision stuff. It can’t be any worse than collecting movies on DVD!

[Extension to original entry]

On March 8th, I went to Toyriffic in search of an authentic Sega Nomad, but the whole set cost $100. A Nomad is a portable Genesis with bad battery life. I was sure the store didn’t want me to know that though. I was going to get Deus Ex 2 The Invisible War, but then I saw Knights of the Old Republic setting their on the counter for 17 dollars so I’ve asked them if I could purchase it for 18 dollars and the kid there agreed so now I own that game for Xbox as well as PC. It’s too bad I couldn’t bust open the door in one of the ghetto apartments in the beginning where the drug lord is hiding who pleads for his life saying the bounty hunter is after him. Killing him would decrease crime in the entire game and make your mission easier. I’ve learned of this after reading a game faq. Can’t wait to play it!

Game to add to list:

Ys - Ark of Napishtim

Tekken 5

Knights of the Old Republic

Devil May Cry 3


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