Saturday, June 05, 2004

Yet another webpage design by me!

Brand new webpage template I’ve made. It look better then my previous webpage. Address didn’t change. It has Gordon Freeman on it. It took me from 5:30am to 11:30am to do everything. I saw this page called Final Fantasy Dream, and it seemed to be pretty popular, so I copied her design. I tried to keep anime out of my webpage design, but I was compelled to have one from Soul Caliber. Besides I have a Squaresoft website http://www.geocities...01/square_index.html . Squaresoft should surprise fans with Chrono Break screenshots anytime now. Chrono Break is suppose to talk right after or years after Chrono Cross, which I played through, it was okay. The characters didn’t talk…and there is something about silence. I mean if voice acting can destroy a game….why even have it? Good example, Super Mario Sunshine.

I started a Live Journal website [ ] I only had two entries. I started with introducing myself and what I’m was doing that day. It seems like the only way to start a new blog. About Movable Type, my ISP and Geocities don’t support PHP so there’s no way I can play with Movable Type. The directions are easy to follow. Earlier I was looking at a bluish theme for my movable type webpage.

Wednesdays are my days off from school. I watched The Rock (Sean Connery + Nicholas Cage) and Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) I forget the tag line in Dirty Harry. Dirty Harry is better because it’s a man to man action flick. Kind-of like The Godfather was. Two vendetta’s face each other in the whole movie. The good guy always wins. The two movies have nothing in common.

I had to make due with my free time. My cat was sick and crapped all over the house and mom brought him to the vet. Bob and I planned to do something on Monday, it seems that he has to look for a new house. Bob’s 20 and he’s going to school. Maybe his sisters are driving him nuts over Internet usage. He’s looking at a place in New Richmond. Plus he seems to be always busy which doesn’t allow time for friends.

In reality I was looking for a new friend. I lost all my high school friends. And I’ve been home mostly. I wanted to go to the beach at Willow River State Park , but that requires money for a window sticker. Riding bike means free access, though it would tire me before I swim. I think a sticker is $15. If it was that much -- I would have gone swimming at the YMCA.

Chow! Until next time!

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