Sunday, June 20, 2004

Had dream similar to ICO | Bought 3rd Dreamcast

Howdy, from Western Wisconsin, USA. Today was very ordinary day. I didn’t go anywhere today, since there was no where to go, except to a movie theater….but I wasn’t interested in seeing a movie alone. It wasn’t always like this….yesterday, I got a new Saturn analog controller (really hard to find) for my Saturn(s). Yesterday I was playing Rallisport Challenge and Ikaruga (nice shoot ‘em up for Gamecube.) The game is much harder than my experience level so I had the infinite lives cheat on. Some gamers call it the official sequel to the Saturn exclusive game, Reliant Silvergun. Good game though! I tried using my MP3 player to encode the music on it. I talked to the people at the game store and we’ve talked a lot about Mega Man. Actually it was just some small talk. I was interrupted everything a new ‘customer’ came in. I didn’t have a good feeling about staying around and left. You know this one 21 year old (a customer), skinny and very talkative. I didn’t like him. It seemed he was wondering about my intelligence, and I didn’t want to say anything to him. People get this feeling that gamers aren’t very bright or if they are, they’re “videogame smart.” He was a little shy towards me, and he asked the first question about Mega Man. I only said I had Mega Man 2, but of course, I didn’t want anyone to know that I have all the cartridge based Mega Mans on disc (NES, SNES, GB, GBA) including the Mega Man Zero (GBA) Hehehe. I use Virtual Boy Advance 1.7.2 for my Gameboy Advance games. So in a way I felt that there was no need to buy a NES and SNES for this reason. As I spoke earlier, I’d picked up 3 games for each of them. I was hesitant to pay for one when I played all those games on the computer any time I chose to. I’m waiting to own a Zodiac for this very reason. I have over 150 NES ROMs, and 50 SNES ROMs and 30 Genesis ROMs. I don’t play SNK Neo Geo, Atari 2600 or Sega Masters System.

I had this very odd dream while sleeping last night I want everyone here to know about. I went to bed around 10:30pm. I was in a building much like the trade center underground. I was sentenced there for stealing money out of my Dad’s billfold. I was given one key to open one door to bypass a keypad. I would only survive if I made it out of the bunker alive. I had 8 hours to get out of the bunker and the walls slowly caved in. There were people I use to know in high school also there, and it was my choice whether to join forces with them to get out the maze or not because they could always be wrong. I decided to go solo because my way of thinking was I had no time for disagreement. Those other people could be more right than the “route” I was taking. The whole building had a lot of halls with closed doors, some locked, and some not locked. Some door locked with even with keypads. The keypads would get me closer to the exit. To unlock those doors I had to remember the numbers on the doors that I opened, and arrange them in the correct order to open the lock. It was impossible to get the password before the building closed so I ignored them. I did make it out though, there was an exit in a long hallway and I had to make it out before I got completely swished, I had to leave two people behind who I knew. I woke up and the time was 7:30am. Wasn’t that weird, I think my dream was a version of the Playstation 2 game, ICO. Sony is making a sequel to ICO called NICO, but no one knows when it’s being released.

Since its Father’s Day today, my dad is taking me out golfing. We’re only going to be on the driving range. My dad owns his own financial business so he gets a lot of invites from clients to go golfing. He does some nice things like go golfing to raise money for the Courage Center in Hudson to help physically disabled kids. He says he does have some above average shots in although he can do about average in his game. Never mentioned golfing any time before I became a member at Modblog, believe this is the first time. I still feel it’s a sportsman sport. Did you know golf was invented in Scotland? I hear the British are golf crazy! Soccer and golf both!

[3:30 PM the same day] I got back from the driving range with a blister (go figure). Dad does above par in most of his runs, but he does know what the stance is. He shows me what the stance is. After I got a blister, he and I putted the ball. I was putting on the 9th hole instead of the putting green. I hit the ball way too hard. I find it much easier to hit the ball when looking at the stake instead of the golf ball. I was really angry at the ball. It turned out as a bad golf day. A lot of crazed golfers were over there. Can’t argue with them because they know the game more than I do and joke about amongst each other. I hate that.

Hot Shots Golf 3 is one of the premiere PS2 games over seas! You know there are about 10 golf courses within a 30 mile radius from our house? Two in Roberts, WI township, 3 in Hudson’s surrounding area, 1 in Hammond, WI, 2 in New Richmond, WI township, 3 in Stillwater, MN township, 1 somewhere in Somerset, WI.

On Thursday I saw Bob’s apartment. It was small with a Kitchen, Bedroom, bathroom and living room. The guy next door had this rock music really loud. Bob was fixing us tacos first and while he paused Final Fantasy X on Playstation 2. I couldn’t play any of his games since he wanted to find a ‘save sphere’ to save his game. I really wanted to help him since I wanted to show him my knowledge about it. He’s at the crystal forest place right after the water kissing scene with Tidus and Yuna on the butterfly quest. I remember quitting the butterfly quest because it was too difficult. I like Final Fantasy, there was always something to do. Then we played Road Kill. I got beat by Bob, but I DID beat his younger sister. It wasn’t a particularly good at this game control wise. I didn’t say anything because he kept falling in the water. Road Kill was actually a rip off of Twisted Metal. I said this to him too. After Bob slowed me Hot Shots Golf 3, I wanted keep playing this game well into 9PM, but I couldn’t, I had to go home. I heard of Hot Shots Golf on the Playstation. It plays a lot like Mario Golf. The game automatically lines you up with the hole on the green, all I had to do is click X twice on the Dual Shock II, and press X again at the little square which determines how far the golf ball will go. I got a lot better as time went on, and actually won a game against a girl golfer in the game. In the game the women tend to make more mistakes than guys do. At first it didn’t look so good.

I gave Bob the Lord of the Rings - Return of the King in DivX. He was surprised I gave him it. Usually we don’t just give up CDRs unless it has a lot of important data like MP3s on it. His girl friend, Angie, wasn’t home, so I actually got Bob’s attention most of the time. Bob feels he has to pay attention to Angie when she’s home because she’ll come in the same room for Bob, and speak to him. I was friends with Bob for 7 years and now he has a girl friend that wants his attention most of the time. Bob and Angie are keeping secrets from me, although I know it’s none of my business to find out what. Bob might be reading this so I dare not speculate. I know you’re reading this Bob – buddy! But than again, Bob and Angie do live together. I don’t live with Bob except for those times we bunked together at scout camps in the day. They both like heavy metal like Godsmack together. I find that Bob likes me for who I am and plays games that I want him to play with me. He also listens to what I have to say. We where talking about old movies like Alfred Hitchcock movies. Old westerns that include Clint Eastwood (Man with No name, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Unforgiven) John Wayne (True Grit, Up to Alaska, Rooster Cogburn, The Searchers, The Train Robbers, The Alamo, Sons of Katie Elder, and The Shootist), Gregory Peck (The Bravados), and Jimmy Stewart (The Man who shot Liberty Valiant, How the West was Won) He didn’t know what I was talking about half the time, so I felt he was trying to picture it the way I was picturing it. He really doesn’t like Westerns, but that’s because he never watched any. I left later that night. Bob and I may do something today after I go out to the driving range with Dad. Bob said he’s going to pay his neighbor money for a part of a T1 line through a WI-FI adapter hooked up to his computer. They can share internet this way. I told him about the free TV service is hosting which enables Mpeg 4 streams to be watched on Winamp. He found that interesting. Bob doesn’t even own a phone so the only way I can contact him is on his cell phone.
er. I hate that.

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