Sunday, June 06, 2004

Running Dreamcast Games on my PC today

Hello world again. Tomorrow is the 60th anniversary of D-Day. I have nothing to say about D-Day except a lot of people lost their lives trying to keep world peace. I seen D-Day in a lot of WWII films like Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day so I guess I have an idea what it was like on June 06, 1944.

I was practically running Sega Dreamcast discs on my computer. In reality I was only playing a Tetris demo that ran on Chankast. So techicially speaking I was playing a "Dreamcast game." I know a few of you are really excited to emulate the Dreamcast, that’s why you came here today. Chankast 0.1 is the best Dreamcast emulator out. It runs the Dreamcast boot screen fine and detects my controller. Someday I’m going to buy a nice Logitech gamepad for my PC. I have to go all the way into Woodbury, MN to get one because no one sells any in Hudson, WI. Wal-mart sells Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and they don’t have a Flight Yoke to go with it? Don’t they know that plenty of people will cash out 30 dollars for a decent Flight Yoke USB 2.0 controller? I got Nyko Air Flow PC for 30 dollars, a pretty good deal considering that you'll pay twice as much for Logitech’s. I use a controller to play games emulated with Project 64K, EPSXE, Gens, J Nes, Falcon 4.0 and now Chankast! I don’t like Flight Yokes as much as Gamepads, period! I read off that Chankast is the only emulator that can emulate games, thus being light years ahead of other Dreamcast emulators available for download. Again - with some difficulty to emulating the game. I expect this though. Some emulation is better than none. Soon we won’t have to burn the disc to our hard drives, Chankast will just run it off DVD-ROM. I haven’t seen a specific plug-in for Dreamcast games yet. I think it’s really awesome that there is a way to play Dreamcast games on my PC – that is if I can copy an ISO image. For those of you who hate to look for proper BIOS, I made it easier for you. I have copy on my server.

The clerk at the videogame store in Hudson told me that Sega discontinued the Dreamcast because the some one came out with a Boot Disk which could boot the Dreamcast enabling copied games to playable on it. Only a small portion of the GDROM can be read by CD-ROMs. The only way anyone including me can play Dreamcast games on the computer is to download Dreamcast images off the Internet. Discontinuing Dreamcast was a good decision on Sega’s part because in 2001 they told that they were barely breaking even on production costs. This was when Sega stock was down and Sammy Corporation bought them out as of 2003. In the gaming industry’s view, Sega’s Dreamcast is a failure, although I believe most people say that because they never owned one. Oh yeah and the little fact that Sega stopped making games for it. Sega stopped making Dreamcast games because everyone was saving for Playstation 2…. I had my Dreamcast three years earlier than my Playstation 2. So come on! Dreamcast had Soul Caliber, Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter 3 Alpha, Crazy Taxi, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Chu Chu Rocket and one of the better 3D Sonic games. I personally loved the Dreamcast for 3 years (1999 - 2002) until I got a Gamecube in 2001.

Required Files to Emulate DC disk:

• Find game image off the Internet (impossible to play discs on PC)
• DC BIOS (multiple languages) 986 KB
• Chankast 0.2a 600 KB
• DAMEON TOOLS 3.46 – 500 KB ( to mount cd image to a “virtual drive” )

I’ve played around with the Sega Saturn emulator, Saturone, and it’s coming along. I found a working USA bios for it. It was a little difficult finding one because most bios on pear networks are the Japanese bios. I tested the emulator with Sonic 3D Blast which ended up with the Sega splash screen and Travelers Tales screen loading, and than the emulator crashed. The BIOS screen as some gamers like to call it shows up flawlessly. In fact I played an audio cd and it worked which proves the BIOS works. Now it’s up to the people working on the emulator to make it emulate the games. It’s hard to say this is illegal because I’m running legit Saturn CDs in my CD-ROM. And it is unlikely for someone else without Saturn CDs to use this emulator unless you’ve either a.) Played a demo or b.) backup a friend’s Saturn game and used it in Saturone.

Other BIOS on my server:

PSX – (works with EPSXE) 400 KB
PS2 – (works with PCSX2) W O R K I N G L I N K !!!
Saturn - (works with Saturone ) W O R K I NG l i n k !!!

* Fact for Europeans - Gameshark or Action Replay will allow any Playstation to be multiregional and this also works with Playstation emulators and the like. I've tested Action Replay on EPSXE for Legend of Dragoon and the cheats work with it.

As for today, I’m going to try to contact one of my friends. Meanwhile, to pass the time, I'll watch the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy. If I start at 8am I can watch non-stop until 5:30PM. Two best friends of mine drove back from a week flshing in Canada. I don’t think neither of them will want to come over since they drove 100 miles. Again, Bob will probably want my help either tomorrow or Monday moving stuff to his new apartment. His girlfriend lives with him now, and they need a place to say. My parents and I have gotten along well. I can go pretty much where I want without having to worry about gas money. I know that’s a great trade-off for cleaning my room and helping out with what ever needs helping out on. My parents are getting old so they like to have a young man around the house. Getting a job has cross my mind hundreds of times though I’m having so much fun downloading stuff. I’m on the Internet most of my time. I do try to get away from this blasted computer some days. Today wasn’t anything special so instead of wasting it sleeping all day, I play some games. I really want to get Direct Way. I occasionally day-dream of what I can use cable/broadband for. With the water damage costs, I may have wait into 2005. Downloading the big files off the T1 server at school is really fun. What takes me a day to download can only take 30 minutes.

Free Software Pick of the Day:

1st dialer - 1st_Dialer_Download.html

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