Sunday, June 06, 2004

I installed 1 more GByte stick in my PC today!

Hello once again. I got another Gigabyte of dual channel RAM, and eventually I installed it! The “Ultra 1 Gigabyte PC2700” came in the mail today all the way from Tigerdirect, Florida for $250. There is a smaller difference than when I went from 256-MB to 786 MB on my custom PC, which drastically increased by performance for games. From my gaming experience my custom pc can do Unreal Tournament 2004 at 1200x912 32-bit colors at 66 frames per second. I have a 256-bit Geforce 4, and with one of ‘em laser mice….I don’t have enough room on my desk to use it so I use it on a book in the top drawer. My way of thinking is reuse the older monitors so I have more desktop performance money. I was seriously thinking of getting a 17” LCD screen, but for that amount you can get a regular 21” monitor at a nicer resolution. Of course, my Dell is faster than my custom PC. My custom PC is 1.2 GHz slower than my Dell, and with a lot less RAM. Okay, in terms of UT2004, you know how the game maps take about 14 seconds to load? It takes about 8 seconds now. The graphics of course are lossness. My computer now does 59 frames per second on average at 1600x1200 res. I can’t tell very well, but it looks as if it’s running 60 frames. So the loading times have been cut in half because I put in another gigabyte of RAM. This is really nice, right! I have tried Unreal Tournament, and it runs very fast - maybe 200 frames per second. The graphics quality is over clocked, and it’s running at maximum resolution. Every game loads quicker than with 1 GB as if 1 GB weren’t enough already. What is there to say? Benchmarking is difficult when comparing 1024 MB to 2048 MB. It’s like comparing a 27” TV with a 31” TV, not that much difference except for the price. Except if you are the die-hard gamer who needs the best performance possible…no one needs more than one gigabyte of RAM to run today’s programs / games. It’s just very cool if you do eventually put that amount in your PC.

I went to WITC, although I was under probation, and downloaded the much needed America’s Army patch. I downloaded some Unreal Tournament 2004 maps at I might add more maps tonight and play them, not online because of my very, very, low ping. So I play against the computer….which isn’t bad….it’s just not as fun. I don’t mine Onslaught, but I prefer Team Deathmatch myself. Team Deathmatch is best because I like players on my team. Capture the Flag is cool too, but it doesn’t have the oomph of Team Deathmatch or Onslaught. UT2004 can also play UT2003 maps, I only have a few I downloaded off the Internet. They aren’t the originals. This guy booted me out of the room, and he said, “Dude, move to a different room.” Then I went through an unlocked door into a next room to get on the Internet (cause the room I was in wasn’t hooked up), he saw me and said, “Dude, you can’t be in this room. You must be in the room I told you to be in!” I mean I dislike being called ‘dude’ from someone who I don’t know. I do take it as a friendly jester for the most part. I don’t plan to come back until school starts again. I feel great about being let back in school yet I also feel like I’m going to mess up somehow, and the year hasn’t started yet. This is a normal feeling for most people.

For half of the day I had really nothing to do so I opened UnrealEdit 3.0, and I experimented with the tool bar. Right now it looks like a grid so I tried dragging stairways and walls to it. Anyways this is the 2nd or 3rd time I worked with this, and so far I learned how to use the SHIFT, and mouse to move around the 3D grid. I don’t know how to ‘paint’ my map. I know how to add ogg vorbis to my map. Yay! I have this wire-frame map with music. Yay! about boring stuff….learning this program couldn’t be more boring. If it takes longer than 3 days to get this, than I’m going to go back to play the game, not make maps. Surfing the Internet or playing Unreal Tournament 2004 is much more fun. I say that to myself a lot so I don’t forget. It seems that most games that come out including first person shooters or RPGs come with their own map editor. The Neverwinter Nights map editor could quite possibly be the easiest map editor I’ve played with. All the objects and characters were loaded on screen. The editor automatically generates a random map or I can modify one just by dragging pieces of land from the toolbar onto the 3D map. Building a map works a lot like the toolbar in Simcity 2000/3000/4. All the games have an option to import MP3s into their editor.

Doom 3 Release Date announced

I like to again thank those who come to my webpage on a regular bases. I don’t always talk about games as you can see. iD Software confirmed that September 15, 2004 will be the official release date for Doom III in the USA. That’ll be nice. I hear that it will not have a big multiplayer although the mod community can make more Deathmatch & Capture the Flag maps and some much needed multiplayer enhancements not in the retail version. I read off that the multiplayer aspect of Doom 3 will be very basic.

I am getting into the alien / space exploration / weird science stuff. Besides Planetary Radio, I heard about this radio station that streams audio over the Internet at It’s about weird news such as space exploration, and odd alien sightings. This Coast to Coast AM can’t be any weirder than Planetary Radio. The talk show hosts on that talk about some crazy space phonation stuff at times. To listen to the broadcast free go to this site, and listen to it every weekday at 12:00AM Central Standard Time.

Also download Quintessential Player [], and stream in this Californian station to listen to Coast to Coast AM or go to bed while ripping it to your hard drive using its unique MP3 ripping feature. The stream and the program are free.

Most Ridiculous News of the Day, “10 year anniversary of unrevealing of Roswell.” I watched the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” It was about marions which reminded me about Roswell. In 1959, a Marion escaped from Area 51 (a top secret government facility by Rachel, Nevada to return to ‘his’ home world before ‘we’ caught ‘him’. The other Marion was killed, and brought back to Area 51 whose body chemistry was examined (as you see in the movie Independence Day). The Army later sealed off an area in Mexico where “a sphere” containing space technology was taken back to some faulty also to be studied. This incident was called Roswell Incident (Roswell for short). The government classified the activity as weather balloons recover exercise. After all they don’t exist. Remember - in 1959 - no one had satellites burning up in Earth’s atmosphere because they weren’t invented yet except for maybe Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellite. The first time I heard about it was when I watched the cartoon show, “The New Adventures of Johnny Quest” which had an episode on Roswell 8 years ago when it first appeared on Cartoon Network. After all, there are no such things as aliens. I watched the whole mini-series of “They” on the SciFi channel, and the series had their own version of Roswell. It was directed by Steven Steilberg, the same director of “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”. Just remember there isn’t any such thing as marions until we have proof of them. And don’t think of connecting the Face of Mars with ancient alien technology because if you believe in that sort thing than watch the movie, “Mission to Mars.” To read the official unclassified Roswell report, go to

Information on Area 51 (Fun Links)


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