Saturday, November 03, 2018

Deep State Communists (Democrats) never going away.

Hip, hip hooray! I’m so happy and glad that our Senators upheld our due process of law according to our Constitution. It is so evident now that we have an extreme conflict going on in our government. The truth is, for yeas now, Socialists (an uppity word for Communists) have been infiltrating the Democratic Party. The Democrats who are not Communist have been bought off, or prefer a one-world government to our United States of America. I can’t believe life-long Democrats would give up our freedom with a God-inspired Constitution to guide us. Sadly, their party is not alone, there is also infiltration in the Republican Party. Otherwise there would be more cooperation and they would get more done on behalf of the Americans they are supposed to represent. The Nov. 6 election is not between the Republicans and Democrats, but between the Socialist-Communists (under the Democratic title) and the freedom-loving Americans who cherish our Constitution (under the Republican title.) If we are to preserve our liberty and freedom we need to vote for men and women who have integrity, who are honest and truthful, who will know and uphold our Constitution and truly strive to make America Great Again!

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