Sunday, November 18, 2018

Like being an American expat living in Australia in the future

Quote from an American expat living in Sydney.
"It is great! I moved to Australia from the States in 1998. At the time it was a bit of an adventure and I only thought I would be here a year or two. After almost 19 years here, I couldn't imagine living back in the States. I wake up every day, thankful that I live in such a well balanced County. The people are really open and welcoming, socially Australians ‘give everyone a go’. Politically I think there is a good balance between social welfare and economic development. You don't have a homeless problem here and everyone has access to medical care and good schools. The hardest part of living here in s the fact that you are on an island far away from everyone. Australians consider a flight under 9 hours to be a hopper flight! Considering this, it is amazing that Australians are so well traveled. They go everywhere and international travel seems to be much more prevalent with my Australian friends then my American friends. I also think Australians have a better life balance. People here work to live, while my friends and family in the States live to work. It helps that Australians get a minimum of 4-weeks paid vacation a year. As an American living in Australia there are shades of familiarity. The countries are of similar age, both have English settler heritage, etc. australia shows a lot of American TV shows and movies and many of the large chain stores and restaurants are here too. At times you can squint and think you are in America - just a much better version!"

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