Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hardest Super Mario GAlaxy levels

The Perfect Run - Grandmaster Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
This level requires skill. There are many reasons. 1. Daredevil - you have one life to do the whole thing which is not easy 2. Hammer bros - you have to get rid of the blue ones but avoid hammers and discs and them themselves 3. Lazer - a lot of lazer is used in the level on the flipswitch bit and one on the green thingy. I could say much more
This level so hard 1 needed 241 (1 is the normal version of grand master galaxy)2 many planet have yoshi to out the planet with many thing that hurt Mario 3 it is daredevil
Champions road is not even hard. Nor is this level

2Battlestation's Purple Coins - Dreadnought Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
I was amazed when I found out how hard it was. I would never see that again.
One of the hardest stars of the game. I say it's the third hardest star.

3Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos - Mario Squared Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
This is the same as the first except for one thing. Cosmic guys.
Major Burrows daredevil run is harder.

4Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run - Ghostly Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
I don, t know why you guys are rubbish at video games but i, m speaking from my advise that this is the 4th easiest boss in the game on my first time I beat him I actully felt sorry for him that I kicked his ass so hard
This is one of the hardest video game levels EVER. I spent 11 lives to finish it!
It is hard to do this with one life, extra hard.

5Luigi's Purple Coins - Toy Time Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
This is HARD but has plenty of coins with a low time to do it in.

6Lava Spire Daredevil Run - Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
The ways I died on this level... Hmm... Well, there was that one time I fell in lava... and that time I got hit by lava... and the time I literally jumped into the lava because of head-bursting frustration at the ultimate and too-challenging-to-be-a-Mario-level-because-lava-is-completely-EVERYWHERE challenge... actually, challenge is just an understatement.
Good God, going through the most intense galaxy in the game with ONE LIFE
I don't know about you but this is hard with one life.

7Throwback Throwdown Speed Run - Boss Blitz Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
This is so hard. I cannot do those bosses THAT quick!

8Bouncing Down Cake Lane - Toy Time Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
There are so many platforms and includes a hard boss

9Dino Piranha Speed Run - Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
That's okay, practice makes perfect.
I can't DO it that quick.

10Purple Coins On the Puzzle Cube - Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
I can't do it really quick and I keep on running into the walls

11The Electric Labyrinth - Super Mario Galaxy
I was totally annoyed of this level because of how many tries and GAME-OVERs it took me to get the PERFECT timing...
Tricky and very annoying.

12Dreadnought's Garbage Dump - Super Mario Galaxy
I hate this level!

13Purple Coins in the Bone Pen - Super Mario Galaxy

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