Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Game store reunion

Of course the local videogame thrift shop is complaining about business due to roms and emulators sold for free. The clerk talking how he cannot mod Playstation 2, because its the users all run games off the hard drive or burn PS2 games.  Piracy of roms is huge in Hudson. 

Whats a pisser is nobody uses the retro message boards, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.  They don't play (never owned) Commodore Amiga.  They're on Facebook only and the gaem store has no domain server, just Facebook.  He only visits real life people in the store, yet hates all social media and email. The other one has 300 Facebook friends he knows personally even though Facebook is obviously really stupid. That one uses Facebook in place of  Linkedin. I read the Facebook comments, one reviewer said that they don't clean the cartridges. The SNES and Genesis games sell more than current generation.  The clerk I knew from 8 years ago now works at a cookie factory in River Falls.

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